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Kids Bible Lessons for Children's Ministry

Teach kids to follow Jesus---Make every minute count! Check out our Sunday school curriculum, Kids Bible lessons, Children's sermons, Bible games, Christian skitsChristian craft activities, Bible memorization and evangelism ideas for elementary-aged classes, kids' church, midweek, and Bible clubs too!

Empty Easter Egg Game

Empty Easter Egg Hunt

Set up: Hide empty plastic Easter eggs, but tape them shut with decorative tape so kids can't peek inside.

Using a child-friendly Bible tell the crucifixion story up to the point where Jesus was put into the tomb. Now send the children to hunt for the eggs. Once all the eggs are found have children sit in a circle to open them, only to discover the eggs are empty! Relate their disappointment and surprise of finding their eggs empty, to how Jesus' followers felt when they discovered the empty tomb. Then say, but Jesus is risen and that's the sweetest message for our lives. Then bring out a large bowl of candy for kids to fill their own eggs, or one large egg, to take home. Continue reading the resurrection passage from a child-friendly Bible.

After the game, have children make their own set of Easter Story cards.

He's Risen Eggs! 

Easter Egg Craft Resurrection Eggs

The pictures tell the Easter story. Children color and cut their own set of twelve eggs. Use them to hold your eggs, place the individual pictures inside 12 plastic eggs, or place the pictures in one large egg! Download as many sets as you need for single-classroom or home use.

More ways to use the Easter Eggs Patterns: 

1) Make a mobile using the egg pictures. A great family project during Holy Week!

2) Napkin rings for your Easter dinner table. 

3) Name place holders for your Easter dinner table. Here's what you do: Copy and paste the patterns to a Paint or graphics program to color them or color by hand. Write your guests' names on the front of the eggs and the item and Bible verses on the back. Before or after dinner have your guests take turns in sequence to name their egg and read the Bible verses. If you have more than 12 guests, print more than one set and allow more than one person to read for each item. 

4) Play Resurrection Egg Pass. Teams compete by passing their special eggs on spoons, then open them to tell the Easter story. 

5) Center Piece for your Easter dinner table. Place hard-boiled colored eggs into the egg holders and arrange them around a decorative centerpiece. 

Have the kids color and cut them out while you prepare Easter dinner!

6) He's Risen Egg cookies using edible paper and ink*. You'll need to copy and paste the egg pictures to a paint or graphics program to color them, then print them out using the special edible paper and ink. Bake and frost 12 sugar cookies then cut out and apply the egg pictures on top. Eat and enjoy! Click here to learn more about edible paper and ink. * DO NOT TRY THIS WITH REGULAR INK AND PAPER! 

Learn more about our Easter Eggs activity.

Easter Story Cards

12 Cards that tell the Resurrection Story (For 3rd-5th grade)

Easter Story Card Craft and Game
A great project during Lent or Holy Week! Children play a game with the cards to discover a secret Easter message, then cut, color, and assemble their own set of Easter cards to share the resurrection story with friends and family! Download as many sets as you need for single-classroom or home use--one low price! 

Contains 10 egg-shaped cards of the Easter Bible story from the classic King James Version, and 2 egg-shaped cards with black and white line drawings for children to color. 

Learn more about our Easter Story Cards craft and Bible game.



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