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Mission Statement brings over 25 years of experience to children's ministry. Our Bible lesson plans and activities are designed to lead children to Christ, helping them grow in their faith, so they can proclaim the good news message to the next generation.  

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Bible Skit: The King's Crown

(Based on the Parable of the Tenant, Luke 20:9-18)

Actors: Narrator, King, Messengers (1, 2, and 3), People (the rest of the children).

Props: King’s throne, crown, robe, scepter, and Bible-time clothes (use robes, or drape large pieces of cloth over shoulders, head coverings, shawls, etc. The Messengers and People dress in Bible-time clothes. Write #1, 2, and 3 on separate sheets of paper and then pin them on the Messengers. Have the People stand in a half-circle around the King's throne, with the Messengers standing behind the King.)

Children perform according to Narrator’s command (the bolded italics are for prompting the children to do the action).

Narrator: A long time ago their lived a very famous, benevolent king, which means he was very kind and generous. The king ruled from his royal throne. He wore a fine royal robe, a beautiful crown, and held the royal scepter in his hand.

King, put on your royal clothing and crown, and then sit on your throne.

One day the king received word that his people were mistreating one another and refused to obey the kingdom rules. So he raised his . . . continue reading our Bible Skit for children's ministry.


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Play Bible Books "Rapid Fire"

How To Play: "Dealer" shuffles Bible Stack-O! deck of cards and places them faced down on the table. Players takes turns drawing four cards, one at a time, from the deck, and then arranges them in sequential order in hand. If by chance a player has drawn an exact sequence, player yells, "Stack-O!", lays the cards on the table, and calls out the Bible book names in order. 

Players will most likely not have an exact sequence after drawing their first four cards. Therefore, once players have their first four cards, "Dealer" says go, at which time players begin drawing a card from the deck and discarding unwanted cards on a discard pile to better the sequence in hand. This is done in rapid fire with all players drawing from the deck and discarding on the discard pile at the same time. Players may also grab cards from the discard pile to better the sequence in hand. When a player gets four cards in exact sequence, he or she yells, "Stack-O!", lays the cards on the table and calls out the Bible books in sequential order. For every win, player gets a letter from the word BIBLE. The first player to spell out BIBLE wins.

Can You Name That Bible Book?

1) "This book was written by a shepherd from Judah. He told the people of Israel to repent, turn from their sin, and follow God. He told people to help the poor and treat others fairly."

2) "In this book, his wife was not loyal to him, yet he continued to love her. His marriage illustrated how God loved his people even though they continually sinned against him."

3) "In this book, he wrote the stories Peter told him about, what it means to follow Jesus, and how to be his disciple. It is the second book in the New Testament, but the first Gospel written."

Find the answers at the bottom of the following page:

You have fantastic resources. My favorite is your lessons on the 10 Commandments. Although I taught it sometime ago, the kids still use the hand signals. Keep up the good work. ~ Frances Kemp

I was intrigued with the Amazing Parable Race description [and purchased it]. It allows me to add another resource to my "bag of tricks" for very little additional cost . . . huge plus! I have many of your resources and appreciate the quality of the materials you provide. For a broadly graded class, I find I can easily reach the youngest and the oldest (Preschool through 5th grade) children. Thank you! 
~ Lauren F.

We used the Parables of Jesus as a starting point for our neighborhood kids Bible study and adapted the lessons to suit our needs. The lessons provided fun and easy ways to teach the parables. ~ Michle

We have a very small church (28 to 30 people total on average) and it is hard to find programs to do for VBS. So when I went looking for something that I could do with a group of kids, the Prayer of Jesus stood out. There are six, two-hour lessons and we did a lesson a day. The book has game and craft ideas to go with each lesson. . . . I am already looking into buying more books from Sunday School Network. I feel that learning to pray together as a group, a family, we have grown even closer to God.
~ Thank you, April G.

[The teacher's newsletter] is an awesome resource for anyone that works with kids! You never know what will come from it. I met a new friend in South Africa and the Lord is doing a great outreach there---so many children have been reached and so many teachers trained and given resources, and it started with this connection. ~ PTL for this site. Bev T.


Bible Memorization Idea:
"Echo, Echo, Echo"

This is a fun way for kids to memorize Scripture! Divide your children into 3 to 5 sections. Section one should be closest to the teacher, section two a bit further away, section three further still, etc. Teacher begins by saying the first few words of a memory verse. Section one repeats it loudly, section two follows section one, saying it a bit softer, section three says it softer still and so on until the words are echoed by each section. Teacher then says the next part of the verse, repeating the process as before until the entire verse is quoted. Your kids will concentrate on getting the echo effect just right, without even realizing how many times they are saying and repeating the verse!

Find more ideas like this in our Bible Games Explosion book!

Bible Games for Kids & Christian Skits    

Christian skits based on the Gospel of Mark Bible books game
Mark: Bible Skits               Bible Stack-O! 

Christian skits based on the book of Ruth Bible Games Explosion 52 Year-round Bible games
   Ruth: Bible Skits            Bible Games Explosion!



Children's Message
Egg-Actly the Problem

“God doesn’t look at things like humans do. Humans see only what is visible to the eyes, but the LORD sees into the heart” 1 Samuel 16:7(CEB).

Focus: God Sees the Heart

Bible references: 1 Samuel 16:7 

Props: In a bag place a Bible; plastic eggs*; small crosses; plate; candy.

*Before presenting, make a mixture of something rotten to look at, such as dirt mixed with ketchup, soy sauce, oil, gravel, etc. Spoon “rotten” mixture into half of one of the colorful plastic eggs, and then tightly close the egg. Place one of the crosses inside a second plastic egg. You can cut your own crosses from red foam fabric. Make sure the egg colors are different so you can remember which one contains the cross! Keep the two eggs separate from the other eggs in the bag.

(Remove the two separate eggs and the plate from the bag. Place the eggs on the plate.)

Say, “What do you suppose is in these eggs?” (Receive answers.)

“I sure do hope my favorite chocolate is in them! Let’s take a look!”

Continue reading Egg-Actly the Problem children's message.

I find these Bible skits to be BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much.

The folks at Sunday School Network are a pleasure to work with; I highly recommend them. . . Sunday School Network is a company you can trust. ~ Glen B.

Its hard for a small church like ours to afford Bible curriculum and yours is so affordable and fun! ~ Julie

Our church used one of your plays with great success . . .
Thank you for your ideas and your website.
~ Lynn Rhodes

I just want to say that I am very thankful for this site. I have
found a lot of neat ideas for Sunday school and youth group ~ Kim 

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this website has been to me. I am teaching children's church on Sunday nights and had ran out of  ideas to use. I prayed that God would give me some sources. Well, He did, alright!  This website!  I was up until almost 2:00 A.M. one night searching it out. What a wonderful site!  I love it!  It has such great ideas.  Thank you so much!  ~ Another sister in Christ,
Mable D.

I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series . . . I purchased all of the books that you offered. They have been absolutely wonderful! The kids respond so well . . . ~ K. Eriksen

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Where will you spend eternity?

Are you going to heaven?

I appreciate these ideas for Sunday School . . . they come in very handy. ~Tessa, East Africa

Totally love your newsletters; I use them for our church youth group. God Bless You! ~ Denise





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