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The Scariest Words in the Bible

Ask children to think of scary words or things that scare them. When you say go, have them shout them out loud. 


"Oh my those are scary words! But there are much scarier words in the Bible than those, and Jesus said them! Let me read them to you." 

Read Matthew 7:21-23 from a child-friendly Bible.

"What do you suppose we must do to keep from being sent away from Jesus? The Bible tells us we must turn from our sin and turn to God. We are to say with our mouths, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead." Get the rest of this activity.

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King Belshazzar & Scary Hands

I taught the lesson about King Belshazzar and the handwriting on the wall for my class a couple of weeks ago and made scary hands by filling clear plastic food-handler type gloves with popcorn. I put candy corn in each finger first to look like fingernails, and then filled the gloves with popcorn and tied the top shut. I taped a pencil to the fingers, but you wouldn't have to. The lesson was a hit with my class, most of whom do not
celebrate Halloween. I thought the story might be fun to use in other ways and so wrote it out as a brief gospel tract.
It's posted at Bulletin Inserts. Use it with your Fall festival or Reformation Day celebration or as an evangelistic tract for trick-or-treat.
Susan Verstraete

Mission Statement exists to equip Christian teachers with the tools to lead children to Christ and to help them grow in their faith by offering creative Bible lessons for children's ministry and a discussion forum for professionals and non-professionals.


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Easy Epistle Lesson 

I did an easy Epistle lesson that my class really enjoyed. I asked a C
hristian friend of mine (she lives out of state and was not known by any of the kids) to write a letter of hope and encouragement to the kids. In her letter she included some fun stickers - enough for each kid to have some. Then she mailed the letter directly to our church, addressed to the attention of my class, where it was delivered unopened at the beginning of class by the pastor. It's cool to have the pastor deliver it while the kids are there. We opened and read the letter and looked on the map to see where she lived. Then we talked about what an epistle is, that they are letters of the New Testament that were written and passed around among the believers to encourage and exhort them. I read a few passages of encouragement from the Epistles to the kids. We talked about how hard the t imes were for Christians then, and how much they would have welcomed the encouraging words. We talked about how believers live all over the world, and how we can pray for them to be encouraged. We also talked about how we can be living epistles by the way we live and how we can speak hope and encouragement into other people's lives.

Sally in Wichita

Sunday School Lessons & Bible Curriculum     

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Jesus Loves Me Rap 

(Sung in cadence style. Perfect for assembly line-up

Leader: Jesus loves me this I know,
Group echoes: Jesus loves me this I know,
Leader: For the Bible tells me so,
Group echoes: For the Bible tells me so,
Leader: We are weak but he is strong,
Group echoes: We are weak but he is strong,
Leader: Let us serve him all day long,
Group echoes: Let us serve him all day long.
Leader: Sound off
Group: One, Two!
Leader: Sound off
Group: Three, Four!
Leader: Sound off
Group: One, Two, Three, Four, One-Two, Three-Four!

From the book, The Parables of Jesus-Vol. I

Copyright 2003 S.A. Keith

It is a blessing to have these great ideas for children and youth ministry. Thank God for your great work. May God continue to bless Sunday School Network. ~ Uli

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this website has been to me.  I am teaching children's church on Sunday nights and had ran out of ideas to use. I prayed that God would give me some sources. Well, He did, alright!  This website!  I was up until almost 2:00 A.M. one night searching it out.  What a wonderful site!  I love it!  It has such great ideas. Thank you so much! ~ Another sister in Christ, Mable D.

Its hard for a small church like ours to afford Bible curriculum and
yours is so affordable and fun!
 ~ Julie

I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series . . . I purchased all of the books
that you offered. They have been absolutely wonderful! The kids
respond so well . . .
~ K. Eriksen 

The folks at Sunday School Network are a pleasure to work with;
I highly recommend them. . . Sunday School Network is a company
you can trust.
~ Glen B. 

I just want to say that I am very thankful for this site. I have found a lot of
neat ideas for Sunday school
and youth group. ~ Kim


Creative Storytelling Techniques

Use action figures – You probably have these in your house already. You can check local thrift stores for bags of them.

Current events – have the older children look in the paper or Internet for a current event that is similar to the story (Good Samaritan – someone persecuted for his or her religious beliefs, prejudices). 

Boat stories – Turn you chairs to form a boat. Cover the outside of the chairs with paper.

Imagination – Have the children tell you what things look like. Get them to describe a camel or what they think the Garden of Eden looked like. They can also describe what they think God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit looks like.

Props – Look for ways to enhance the story – such as the widow’s mite –bring copper pennies, or with the manna in the wilderness, use instant potato flakes.

Christian Skits & Bible Games for Kids

Christian skits based on the Gospel of Mark Bible books game
Gospel of Mark:
Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits - Bible Stack-O!

Christian skits based on the book of Ruth Bible Games Explosion 52 Year-round Bible games

Ruth: Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits - Bible Games Explosion!

Add sound effects to your story.

Sabrina in Nashville

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