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Mission Statement exists to equip Christian teachers with the tools to lead children to Christ and to help them grow in their faith by offering creative Bible lessons for children's ministry and a discussion forum for professionals and non-professionals.

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Are You A Transformer? 
And I'm not talking toys!

Focus: Explaining the words Conformed and Transformed from Romans 12:2.

Read Romans 12:2, And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,  that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Ask children if they know what it means to be conformed and transformed? 

As you explain the word, conformed, repeat the verse, ". . . be not conformed . . . ," which means we are not to be shaped by the world around us. (Begin pressing the clay, making it "conform" to the pressure of your hands.) We can be negatively conformedchanged by the world in the wrong wayssometimes by the friends we choose, the shows we watch, or by what we listen to or read. In fact, if we don't stay close to Jesus, then it is likely that we'll be conformed or shaped by the world in the wrong ways. 

Continue to Transformed for Christ.


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Skit: Blind to See

Lesson Focus: Healing of the Blind Man (John 9:1-25)

Act out the story using the following script. Write the names of each character on a small sign and hang over actor’s shoulders. Have the actors highlight their lines so they are ready to speak their parts on cue.

9 Characters:
Jesus, disciple, Pharisee, blind man, mother and father of the blind man, neighbor, townsfolk, narrator.

Narrator: The Old Testament predicted that when the Messiah, God’s Son, would come to earth, he would heal the sick and the blind. Our story begins with Jesus walking along with one of his disciples. Listen to what happens next.

Blind man: (sitting down and begging) Money, money, I need money!

Disciple: Jesus, why is this man blind? Did his sin, or his parent’s sin, cause this?

Jesus: No, he was born blind so that God can work a miracle in his life. Then he and others will believe and follow me.

Narrator: So Jesus . . .Get the Blind to See skit

We have a very small church (28 to 30 people total on average) and it is hard to find programs to do for VBS. So when I went looking for something that I could do with a group of kids, the Prayer of Jesus stood out. There are six, two-hour lessons and we did a lesson a day. The book has game and craft ideas to go with each lesson. . . . I am already looking into buying more books from Sunday School Network. I feel that learning to pray together as a group, a family, we have grown even closer to God. ~ Thank you, April G.

We used the Parables of Jesus as a starting point for our neighborhood kids Bible study and adapted the lessons to suit our needs. The lessons provided fun and easy ways to teach the parables. ~ Michle

[The teacher's newsletter] is an awesome resource for anyone that works with kids! You never know what will come from it. I met a new friend in South Africa and the Lord is doing a great outreach there---so many children have been reached and so many teachers trained and given resources, and it started with this connection. ~ PTL for this site. Bev T.

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this website has been to me. I am teaching children's church on Sunday nights and had ran out of  ideas to use. I prayed that God would give me some sources. Well, He did, alright!  This website!  I was up until almost 2:00 A.M. one night searching it out. What a wonderful site!  I love it!  It has such great ideas.  Thank you so much! ~ Another sister in Christ, Mable D.


 Bible Books Race

Application: Bible navigation – inactive

What You Need: Bible book name cards.

How to Play: Shuffle cards. Divide players into two teams. Deal 33 cards per team. Give each team a Bible. At the go, teams assemble their stack of cards into sequential order. Teams may use their Bibles for reference.

Older players can be challenged to play without their Bibles.

How to Win: The first team to place their cards in sequential order wins.

This is one of 52 Bible games found in Bible Games Explosion.

Christian Skits & Bible Games for Kids

Christian skits based on the Gospel of Mark Bible books game
Mark: Bible Skits               Bible Stack-O! 

Christian skits based on the book of Ruth Bible Games Explosion 52 Year-round Bible games
   Ruth: Bible Skits            Bible Games Explosion!



Game: Spiritual Eyes Relays

Set Up: Design a course or maze for the relays using cones or flag markers. You'll need blindfolds for each team. A wide, cloth headband makes a nice blindfold.

How to Play: Explain to the players that the course represents life. The blindfold represents life before receiving your “Spiritual Eyes.” 

Divide players into even teams of 4-6 or 8-10 players each (if you have an uneven amount, one player goes twice.) Have the teams divide into pairs. One child in the pair will be blindfolded. At the go, the player who is not blindfolded gives voice commands to guide the other player through the maze. When moving through the maze, players may not touch each other. Once a pair reaches the end of the course, the pairs switch the blindfold and return to the start to tag off to the next pair on their team. When the blindfold relay is complete, have children remove their blindfolds and continue the relay with their “new” eyes. 

From Spirit Gifts-An Introduction For Children On Spiritual Gifts. (Discussion questions are also available in the book.)

I find these skits to be BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much.

The folks at Sunday School Network are a pleasure to work with; I highly recommend them. . . Sunday School Network is a company you can trust. ~ Glen B.

Its hard for a small church like ours to afford Bible curriculum
and yours is so affordable and fun!
~ Julie

Our church used one of your plays with great success . . .
Thank you for your ideas and your website.
~ Lynn Rhodes

I just want to say that I am very thankful for this site. I have
found a lot of neat ideas for Sunday school and youth group ~ Kim 

I appreciate these ideas for Sunday School . . . they come in very handy. ~Tessa, East Africa

Totally love your newsletters; I use them for our church youth group. God Bless You! ~ Denise

I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series . . . I purchased all of the books that you offered. They have been absolutely wonderful! The kids respond so well . . . ~ K. Eriksen



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