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The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you
(Psalm 9:9-10 NIV).


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Mission Statement exists to equip Christian teachers with the tools to lead children to Christ and to help them grow in their faith by offering creative Bible lessons for children's ministry and a discussion forum for professionals and non-professionals.


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I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this website has been to me. I am teaching children's church on Sunday nights and had ran out of  ideas to use. I prayed that God would give me some sources. Well, He did, alright!  This website!  I was up until almost 2:00 A.M. one night searching it out. What a wonderful site!  I love it!  It has such great ideas.  Thank you so much! ~ Another sister in Christ, Mable D.


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armor of God Bible lessonsThe Bible says God's children are protected by supernatural armor; it is invisible, you canít see it or feel it. We are told to "put on the full armor of God"  to protect ourselves from Satanís power and influence, "his schemes," as the Bible puts it. Schemes means to plot or to conspire against someone. Satan is plotting and conspiring to defeat us. (Spend a few minutes discussing sin and how Satan tempts us.) The Bible gives us a description of an ancient Roman soldier's armor and tells us how we can put on supernatural armor to protect and defend ourselves from Satan's fiery attacks. 

Get the Armor of God Bible lesson.

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Bible Game: Please Pass the Fruit

What You Need
A Bible, a tangerine for each team, a permanent black marker for each team, and teaspoons for each player.

How To Play
Divide into teams. No more than nine players per team. Have the players read Galatians 5:22-23. Each player must choose one of the "Fruits Of The Spirit" and write it on the outside of their teams' tangerine. (If you can't find a tangerine, use an orange. A tangerine is best because it is easy to peel and has easy-to-separate sections.) Designate a large playing area. Starting at the center of your playing area, the teams will work together to reach the outside edges of the playing area. (See animated diagram of red and blue teams, below.) Player #1 at the outside ends of each team begins to pass their 'fruit' using only their spoons, no hands! When the fruit reaches the last player on the team, that player rotates to the front of the line and begins to pass the fruit as before. Players continue to pass their fruit, advancing one player at a time, until one of the teams reaches the outer edges of the playing area. The first team to reach the outer edges of the playing area is the winning team! Play as many rounds as you prefer.

Object Lesson
After the players have finished playing, have them sit down with their teams in a circle and discuss how they can show the 'Fruit of the Spirit' that they wrote on their tangerine. "Who can they show . . . read on.

I appreciate these ideas for Sunday School . . . they come in very handy. ~Tessa, East Africa

Totally love your newsletters; I use them for our church youth group. 
God Bless You!
~ Denise

I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series . . . I purchased all of the
books that you offered. They have beenabsolutely wonderful!
The kids respond so well . . . 
~ K. Eriksen 

The folks at Sunday School Network are a pleasure to work with;
I highly recommend them. . . Sunday School Network is a company
you can trust.
~ Glen B.

Its hard for a small church like ours to afford Bible curriculum
 and yours is so affordable and fun!
~ Julie

I just want to say that I am very thankful for this site. I have
found a lot of neat ideas for Sunday school and youth group
~ Kim 

Our church used one of your plays with great success . . .
Thank you for your ideas and your website.
~ Lynn Rhodes

I find these skits to be BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much.


The Lord is My Helper

 Matthew 15:21-28

When we mail packages we use special wide tape to seal the boxes. But, when I was about your age, we covered the boxes in brown paper and then tied a long piece of string around the box so it held the sides and the ends. You might still seal some boxes this way. (Cover a box with a heavy brown paper and begin to secure it with a long piece of string.)

But, when you get to the part where you tie the knot in the string, it is difficult unless you have someone to help you. (Ask for a volunteer to hold his finger on the knot as it is being tied.)

In the story for today a woman came to Jesus and asked for help. At first Jesus did not help her. He was making plain to everyone the strong faith she had. She kept on asking Him because she really believed He could help her.

He daughter had a demon living inside her and causing all sorts of problems. We do not know what those problems were, but someone else described similar problems this way, "Teacher, I brought my son to you, for he has a spirit that makes him mute. And whenever it seizes him, it throws him down, and he foams and grinds his teeth and becomes rigid." (Mark 9:17-18)

The help she asked for uses a special word to describe it. Usually that help comes from . . .
read on.

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