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"But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children's children--with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts" Psalm 103:17-18 (NIV)


Sunday School Lessons for Children - 2018 

Children's Ministry Bible Lessons
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Children's Sermons Book (06/18/2018)

--from It's in the Bag--52 Bible Talks for Children's Ministry 

Bible talks and sermons for children's ministry.Focus: Showing favoritism is wrong -- James 2:1-12

In the bag: An old, torn and dirty shirt, shabby straw hat, nice coat, dress hat, and a Bible.

(Call children forward. Request two volunteers, adults or children. Remove clothing from the bag. Dress one volunteer in the torn, dirty clothes, and the nice coat and dress hat on the second volunteer.)

Ask the kids, "Looking at these two people, which one should sit on the front row of the church and which one should we hide near the back? And Why?" (Receive answers.) Let me read what the Bible has to say about this kind of thing.

(Remove Bible from bag, read James 2:2-5, 8-9a, 13 from a child-friendly Bible.)

God says it is wrong to judge others---or determine their value---by the way they look, such as the way they dress, or any of the varied ways people differ from one another, such as their intelligence, skin color, abilities, or by what they have or don't have. We cannot enter God's kingdom unless we first admit that we are poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:3). To be poor in Spirit, one of the Beatitudes, is to admit we have nothing apart from God---we are sinful---and only God can rescue us from our poor spiritual condition. God wants his children to love others the way he loves us, which means despite how we look, sinful and poor, he rescued us by dying on the cross to give us eternal life. When we trust in God, we become his children; we become rich in him! God wants us to treat others with the same kindness and compassion he shows us. We are to treat everyone the same. If we don't, we are sinning, and we will not receive mercy when God judges us!

(Close in prayer)

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Bible Lesson for Sunday School or Midweek Classes (06/18/2018)

--from The Great Promises of the Bible Curriculum

Promises of the Bible LessonsThe seven great promises of the Bible covered in these lessons are the big picture covenant promises of God's redemptive history, beginning with the promises God made in the Garden of Eden and extending through to the promise of a new heaven and a new earth for God's people. 

Some of these great promises are conditional; however most you will discover, reflect the faithfulness of God to redeem his people despite their sinful waywardness. This series presents a broad brush stroke of God's Word from Genesis through Revelation, which includes the Garden Promises, Rainbow Promise, Promise of a Holy People, Kingly Promises, Promise of a New Heart, Promise of a New Temple, and the Promise of a New Heaven & Earth. 

Class Introduction

Theme Bible Memory Verse: "The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made" Psalm 145:13.

What is a promise? (Receive answers.) Have you ever made a promise to someone? Has someone ever promised something to you? Have any of these promises come true? Have any been broken? A promise is when someone says he or she will do something for you, or to you, in the near or distant future. A promise is a vow or an agreement spoken to a person or group of people which could be good news or bad news for those receiving it. A true promise is not an idle word or a threat which may or may not occur. Human promises sometimes do not occur, despite the good intentions of the one who made it. For example, I could promise you that I would take you to the movies this weekend, but if my car broke down or I got sick, I wouldn't be able to drive. My promise would be broken, even though I didn't intend to break it. On the other hand, when God makes a promise, he never breaks it. God has made hundreds of promises to his people, and unless we read God's Word, we will never know about and be able to receive the good promises which God has given to us. Over the next several weeks we will learn about the major covenants or agreements that God has made to save his people. Many of these promises are good for those who receive them, while other times they are promises of punishment. Regardless, when God makes a promise, it will happen, because God never lies. He never breaks his promises! 

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The Story of Jesus Film for Children (06/07/2018)

Plan a Summer Movie Night

Story of Jesus Film ProjectInvite friends and family to watch The Story of Jesus Film for Children. This is a great opportunity to spread the Gospel message to your neighborhoods this summer! Visit the Jesus Film Project page to download it for FREE! It is a wonderfully produced movie!


Sunday School Teaching Methods (05/29/2018)
--Goin' A.P.E. Sparking Your Creativity

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

Creative Spark Teaching Methods*Make every minute count! 
*Infuse your Bible lessons with creative teaching techniques.
*Motivate children to listen, learn, and enjoy class time. 
*Teach according to your students' abilities---their God-given bent.
*Enhance your existing programs.
*Create effective and engaging lessons.
*Use exciting Bible memorization techniques.


Some people believe Proverbs 22:6 is a promise from God that if we do our jobs well---as Christian parents or educators---our children will eventually follow him. Others interpret it has to do with recognizing the God-given abilities or bent of our children, and then fostering those skills and gifts, so that when they are old, they will not depart from them. Ted Hildebrandt, of Grace Theological Seminary, suggests it has to do with initiating a late adolescent into his official capacity and responsibilities of society. "According to his way---or in the way he should go---meant according to the standard and status of what would be demanded of him in that culture." 

Because some of us learn in different ways---visual, auditory, verbal, kinesthetic (touching, feeling, moving), solitary or social---the Active Participation Experience (A.P.E.) provides children with a method of learning Biblical truths according to their bent; and I believe this is in keeping with the intent of Proverbs 22:6. I also think there are fundamental strategies children's ministers and teachers can do to spark their own creativity to enhance their Bible lesson time.

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Where will you spend eternity? Are you going to heaven?

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