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SSTN # 79 - September 6, 2005

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...Write On My Heart Every Word

1) Hurricane Katrina -- Mission Project
2) Christmas Parade Float Idea
3) Tried and True Lessons
4) Teaching 40+
5) Potato Family Lesson
6) Missionary projects ages 5-12

Trinity Twister - Video Clip

7) Fear Factor...the point
8) Team Fear Factor
9) Fear Factor...the point
10) Fear Factor .... Danger, that is the point!
11) Creation Game "Animal, Animal, Snake"
12) Tried and true lessons

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...Write On My Heart Every Word

"Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word." Those are the
words, from that old beloved hymn, that inspired me to write my latest
hands-on series, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus". This two-semester
lesson series contains coordinating crafts, games, skits and enrichment
ideas to tell the story of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. One book is
all you need for TWO whole semesters! And it's value priced!
To download two complimentary activities, go to the Curriculum page and
click the book's cover at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Hurricane Katrina -- Mission Project

Here's an idea, have the children or adults in your ministry donate one
new outfit of clothing that matches their size (shirt, pants, socks,
shoes, underwear, etc.) along with one or more of the folllowing: a
stuffed animal, game, coloring books, crayons and a Bible, then pack it up
and send it to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Kids can include a letter
or picture they've colored saying they're praying for the recipients. Make
sure the kids are involved in the entire process of choosing the outfits,
packing the items and helping to mail them out. MARK THE OUTSIDE OF EACH
PACKAGE WITH THE GENDER AND SIZE INSIDE (for example, "Girls size 6"). I
have located a Christian shelter in the Houston area that you can send
your packages to:

Star of Hope - Women & Family Emergency Shelter
419 Dowling St.
Houston, TX  77003

You could provide boxes at your church and address them there, then hand
them back to the families to mail their own packages (boxes for Priority
Mail are supplied by the Post Office).

Your local Red Cross, Salvation Army and national church denomination
might be able to supply additional addresses to send to.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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2) Christmas Parade Float Idea
Last year the theme was JOY TO THE WORLD....we ordered a huge 5 foot beach
ball...spray painted it blue and painted in the continents....then we
place angels around it ...another idea would be to put the children in
costumes of all the nations and depict JESUS LOVE THE CHILDREN OF THE
WORLD.....i know that isn't a Christmas theme but i think it could work

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3) Tried and True Lessons For Scott

There are several sites that i use including christaincrafters.com.
I also use: http://mssscrafts.com/objectlessons/

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4) Teaching 40+

I just wanted to encourage you.  Just because people are older than you
doesn't mean they can't learn from you.  It also doesn't necessarily mean
they are more spiritually mature.  If this is what God has called you to
do, then just keep looking to Him and you will do great.  Also, use the
internet to look up games and activities.  I would love to come to your SS
class.  It sounds like you're doing a great job already, by doing more
than just reading a lesson to them.

God bless you,


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5) Potato Family Lesson

> few years ago I had an object lesson on the Potato Family. It
> described different family members

--from SSTN: There were quite a few responses to this posting. Rather than
post the same info, I'll only post the ones that were completely

I loved this one, too!  I no longer had it on my desktop, but a simple
google of Tater Family brought it to the top.
Here's the link  http://www.sermons4kids.com/taterfamily.html
Kim in CA


Hope this helps--sorry it is so long
Dick Tater =Runs everything
Agi Tater  =Stirs up trouble
Ro Tater =Changes everything
Irra Tater  = Bugs everybody
Hesi Tater =Never does much
Vegi Tater=Never does anything
Imi Tater= Does it like we always did it   -  no new ideas
Devas Tater = Insults everyone
Speck Tater=Takes everything but contributes nothing
Poten Tater  = Just comes for important occasions and takes credit for it
Solici Tater = Bugs everyone-tries to get them to buy into no age religion
that is not scriptural
Debili Tater=  Tries to discourage excited people who have recently had a
wonderful spiritual experience
Tim the Tool Man Tater  =Destroys everything--that works
Comment Tater= Says that ony hypocrites go to church
Couch Tater  =Watches religious programs on TV on  Sunday and counts that
as keeping Holy the Sabbath
Compu Tater = Meditates on ikons on the screen-computer
Whipped Tater =Worked all week and needs sleep on Sunday
Tater Chips =Teenagers-feels church is archaic, too boring doesn't get
anything out of it.
Facili Tater= Helpful-puts faith and works into action
Felici Tater=Friendly-makes everyone feel welcome
Cogi Tater  = Thinks things through-makes sure all things  work for the
best of all
Sweet Tater =Kind and good and an inspiration
New Tater=New disciple having just come to know the Lord Jesus
Levi Tater =Filled with Holy Spirit
Orient Tater=Help others find their way to THE WAY, THE THE TRUTH AND THE
Implement Tater = Helps put ideas into action
Resussit Tater = Help to bring back people who have lost their way
Rehabili Tater="Rehab Bill Bob" rounds up the lapsed and brings them back
from their difficulties
Tater Tots =Faithful little children, The Holy Innocents You must be like
a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven
Medi Tater  = Prays thing through-hears the Word-and follows the life of

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6) Missionary projects ages 5-12

A few ideas:

Put together small assistance packages for the World Church Service
(health/school/baby kits)


Sponsor a child or make up school kits for World Vision (We've sponsored
a child for a number of years now and receive letters and pictures from
our adopted family quite regularly.)


Pack shoe boxes with toys and other gifts (Operation Christmas child).


Provide Bibles to children all over the world



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Trinity Twister - Video Clip

Check out our newest Make N' Take download craft to
coordinate with your lessons on the Trinity.
View a short video clip too at:


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7) Fear Factor...the point

>I would like to understand the connection with all the gross Fear Factor
>challenges and instilling faith in children. Are these challenges just
>for fun

We had a Youth retreat with the fear factor theme last year. The scripture
that was used was Joshua 1:9 "...be strong and courageous. Do not be
terrified: do not be discouraged..."   It was a terrific theme and is
still being talked about by the kids and the leaders alike.     The fear
factor part was just a tool that was used that the kids were familiar
with.  The focus of the retreat was Fear in itself. The fears we have when
faced with doing something that we may be uncomfortable doing such as
sharing one's faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 
We did have the gross and disgusting activities that went along with the
theme. We had the kids put their feet in cold, wet spaghetti to pick out
marbles, they slid through vanilla pudding and oatmeal, and dug for olive
eye balls in mounds of chocolate pudding and crushed sandwich cookies made
to look like dirt.  This was only for "effect" and certainly never
intended to be disrespectful of anyone or anything.  When presented to the
kids we got the usual "yuk" and "ewwww" reaction because they were
afraid...afraid of being laughed at...afraid of looking foolish...afraid
of what it would feel like...  They were challenged to face their fears,
take the challenge and see it through...just as Jesus wants us to
do...stand up for our beliefs and not be afraid or discouraged... "For the
Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."
Cathleen in Texas

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8) Team Fear Factor

I just wanted to thank those of you who have shared ideas for fear
factor.  We are a church that in the fall have what we call our Rally day.
When I took the idea of having a Team Fear Factor day to our planning
committee to kick things off, everyone thought it was a great idea.  I
think that some people can't get past the  idea of the show and use this
as a family fun event that will help to build character and trust as a
team.  Thanks again.

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9) Fear Factor...the point

The Bible speaks of fear many times. We are to have a healthy fear
(respect) of the Lord... we are to trust Him when we  afraid. There are
many illustrations to be used to teach these things. Fear factor for us
was a good attention getter. I teach teens and they loved the whole idea.
It was lots of fun... no one got hurt... the teens boned and learned team
work (they were divided into teams).. and we all learned scripture .

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10) Fear Factor .... Danger, that is the point!

Don't adults in charge of children realize that doing a theme on FEAR
FACTOR causes many Spiritual problems? One has opened up a door to let
other difficult emotions rise to the surface.  You don't have to live with
these children, and yet they are sent home to deal with these highly
intense emotions ALONE.

Yes, There is much about Fear in the Bible.  This doesn't give a person
right to create more and teach about fear by practicing it?  There is much
about murder, killing, etc.  Does this give the right for a person to
create more and teach about killing by practicing it?  NO!

Of Course, children enjoy it!  It is the evil side of them having fun.  We
are not to encourage that but teach the children to get rid of such
emotions; to control such emotions; to have the proper tools as to use
in coping.

There will be many adults at the Judgment Day, that will have to explain
"why they harmed such young ones as these?"

bw; a very disturbed and prayerful pastor

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11) Creation Game "Animal, Animal, Snake"

We have been doing a rotation on Creation in Genesis.
My grandson Daniel williams [8] invented this game .It
is played exactly like duck ,duck,goose ,if you know
that one.All the children sit crosslegged on the floor
in a circle .The player who is 'it' [Adam or Eve] goes
around the outside of the circle tapping each head as
he goes saying an animal's name with each tap .But
when he says snake , the tapped person must jump up
and chase Adam back to his space in the circle.If he
tags Adam before he reaches the open space then Adam
must sit in the middle . Either way the snake must
become the new Adam and go around the circle tapping
heads...elephant, rabbit ,snake! If Adam is not tagged
he gets to stay in the open space and snake becomes
Adam. The player in the middle is replaced when
another is tagged . This is lots of fun for Daniel's
age and younger. Uses up lots of excess energy and
then children will sit for a bit and listen to the
day's story.                         FUMC/Seffner

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12) Tried and true lessons
You could check out the 54 object lessons I have listed on
Maurice Sweetsur

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