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<>< <>< SSTN-Volume 1-Number 88 <>< <><
August 30, 2000
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1) Jonah & The Whale
2) Confirmation time capsule?
3) Welcoming day?
4) Joshua craft?
5) Room decorations?
6) Pringles Potato Chip cans
7) 10 Commandments' craft?
8) We Have Seen the Christ, script?
9) Pringles Potato Chip cans
10) Biblical scavenger hunt

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1) Jonah & The Whale

In response to the women looking for ideas for the Jonah and the Whale
story. Plastic whale toys can be made from milk jug very easily. The
children can draw eyes on them and color a Jonah bean bag that can be used
to play a toss game. Give each child a whale and have them try to throw and
toss Jonah from whale to whale by catching him in the milk jug whale. I
have attached a picture that you can use if you would like. Directions for
this craft and game can be found at

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

--From ChristianCrafters.Com: Thanks for sharing, Danielle!

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2) Confirmation time capsule

I will be teaching Confirmation this year and had read somewhere in the past
about a Confirmation time capsule. The kids make them at the beginning of
the program and open them at the end. It said something like have fun
making your "time capsule" of your hopes for this journey. or something
like that. It anyone has a copy of this project I would be very thankful to
you for sharing it. Thanks in advance and God Bless!

from Wisconsin

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3) Welcoming day-

Does anyone have any "welcoming day" sunday school activities for 3rd graders? Is there something special someone has done on the first day of class. My class is rather big, but I would like to be able to welcome them in a fun way. It is an Armenian Apostolic Church. Thanks for your ideas.

--From ChristianCrafters.Com--I just had our S.S.-welcoming day two Sundays ago. I used the ice breaker idea I thought up over my vacation. (I told you I'd let you know how it went. Well...it went GREAT! The kids loved it! You can read the details on the Archives Page- #75. Please note for directions: I didn't hand the papers out, I spread them across the floor for the kids to pick up.) We then had a party of goodies and watched the Jesus video for kids. It can be ordered at:
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Joshua craft?

Can you help me with a few craft Ideas on Joshua craft. We are studying him in Sunday school and I teach 4 years old and need something simple for them to make or do.
Thanks, Sandy servin0508@aol.com
PS-make sure you copy to SSTN!

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5) Room decorations

I will be teaching 6 thru 8th grade Sunday School. This will be new to me I
have taught 3,4,5th grade for the last 5 years. Could I get some help for
room decorations and what teachers have found successful for teaching, ETc.
Also I will be directed of VBS next year. First time for that. I would
like ideals. What makes a successful VBS? What are some Quide lines.? How
do you advertise? Thanks for any help. Anyone can email me
PS-make sure you copy to SSTN!

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6) Pringles Potato Chip cans

>craft ideas for using Pringles Potato Chip cans?

During VBS we used Pringles cans to make time capsules. We included a paper that the kids can fill out listing favorite, books, teachers, friends, what they think they will be doing in 5 years when they reopen the can, etal. We sprayed the cans silver and had the kids decorate them with markers and small mirrors. It was a great success!
Sharon from Fulton
Peace, Joy and Laughter

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7) 10 Commandments' craft?

I am looking for crafts for the 10 Commandments. My age groups are 5-7, 8-9, and 10-12. I need something that can be done during Sunday School. Any help would be appreciated.

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8) We Have Seen the Christ, script?

I am looking for the script for a play that we used at our church about 25 years ago. The set of scripts we had has been loaned and not returned. I do not know the playwright but the script is entitled We Have Seen the Christ. It is a series of tableaux narrated with scriptures illustrating the life of Christ from the prophecy of His birth to the Resurrection. If anyone can help me with this search, I am willing to compensate them for their effort and expense. Thanks.

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9) Pringles Potato Chip cans

>craft ideas for using Pringles Potato Chip cans?

I have used them for quite a few projects. They are great for older kids to make pillar candles. Buy wicking at craft stores or Walmart. tie to a pencil and balance the pencil over the top of a Pringles can that has been sprayed with PAM. Melt common household parafin wax in an old double boiler OR in a coffee can set inside another pan of boiling water. You can color the wax by throwing in old crayon bits with the parafin as it is melting. After the wax is completely cooled and hardened,(I wait several days) You peel off the Pringles can...It's easy. Our youth group has made some pretty spectacular candles. Let them use their imaginations. We have done rainbow candles by layering in the different collors after each layer is completely set up. Takes several days but they are beautiful. Also we have added things to the wax such as glitter, seashells, dried flowers, you name it . After the candle is removed from the can, you can "polish" it with old pantyhose to make it shiney or leave the kind os roughness that naturally forms. Some of the kids even went further and added decoration to the canles after.....post earrings that have lost there mate make great decorations, just push the post into the pillar. Tie jute and beading around the center of the pillar to "belt" the candle. Have Fun.

More simply you can tie or glue 3 cans together to make a bank that teaches the kids about stewardship. Cut coin slits in the top of the lids and decorate one can as a bank building, one as a church and one as an item the kids would like to save for. Teaching them that they should always tithe to the church before they do those other things.

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10) Biblical scavenger hunt

>>We're having VBS soon and we are looking for a Biblical scavenger hunt.

We did a scavenger hunt that also included looking for the following items in the Bible:
Rainbow, Unicorn, Bear, Eagle

--From ChristianCrafters.Com--a unicorn? was this to throw them off? ;o)) Also, did you give them verses to find them, or a concordance to look up the keywords?

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