Holy Week Mobile

Using the He's Risen! Eggs Craft

I downloaded the He's Risen! Eggs for our children's message on Palm Sunday and Easter. We will also incorporate a set in our between services Easter Egg Hunt allowing the children who find one of these "special" eggs to trade it in for a prize. Hopefully the children will be able to tell us what the egg stands for by the picture alone in "exchange" for the prize.

This is a great family project too! The adults can read the text, while younger children decorate the eggs and older children put the Mobile together--all participants will learn the main theme for each egg. 

String eggs on to the Mobile during Holy Week.

What you need: He's Risen! Eggs, string, small hole paper punch, wooden dowel.

What you do: Using colored pencils, markers, or crayons, color the egg patterns, punch holes, string to dowel as pictured, above. 

On Palm Sunday study all the text for Egg # 1, and then decorate the Egg. This is the first item to hang on your Holy Week Symbols Mobile. 

Monday -- Study text and decorate Eggs 2 and 3 -- add to Mobile

Tuesday -- Study text and decorate Eggs 4 and 5 -- add to Mobile

Wednesday -- Study text and decorate Eggs 6 and 7 -- add to Mobile

Thursday -- Study text and decorate Eggs 8 and 9 -- add to Mobile

Friday -- Study text and decorate Eggs 10 and 11 -- add to Mobile

Saturday -- No new egg -- review text for all eggs and admire your Mobile

Easter Morning -- Study text and decorate Egg 12 in a glorious way -- add as the "crowning" touch to your Holy Week Mobile! 

You could also watch The Passion of the Christ film by Mel Gibson. (After I saw the film, I came home and read each of the Gospels from the garden through the burial. This would take you even further, from Palm Sunday through the Resurrection.) 

May God Bless you!
In His Service, 

Copyright 2004 Lynette

Easter Egg Craft Resurrection

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