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Bible Curriculums 
Available in printed and/or e-book* format as indicated.


Amazing Miracles of the Bible
e-book only

Jonah - Lessons for Children
on God's Mercy & Salvation


Be-Attitudes for Adult Bible Study

Lighthouse - An Overview for Children on the
Book of Acts and the Glory of God


Be-Attitudes for Kids

Lord's Prayer "The Prayer of Jesus"


Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve


Or purchase these two combined to save money
The combo version is only available as an e-book.


Come Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord

Sermon on the Mount


Fruit of the Spirit
*e-book only

Signs of the Times - Modern Parables
for Children's Ministry
*e-book only


God's Top Ten

Spirit Gifts *e-book only


Great Promises of the Bible

Super Heroes of the Bible *e-book only

His Name Shall Be Called . . . 
*e-book only

Tell Me the Story of Jesus
*e-book only