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Choose This Day Whom You Will Serveô
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Teach your kids to choose Jesus!

No one apart from Jesus Christ can love God or choose Godís way for their lives. Only when we belong to Jesus do we have the freedom to choose Godís path for our lives. He provides the supernatural power to ultimately choose good over evil or righteous living over selfish living. The fact of the matter is our choices reveal our hearts, our character, and whom we serve.

This series is intended to teach the children in your ministry the importance of being ďin Christ,Ē so they will choose Godís path for their lives and not their own path. And in choosing Godís path, they will be able to say with confidence, ďAs for me, I will serve God,Ē thereby avoiding many of sinís pitfalls and eventual judgment of living lives apart from Jesus Christ. (For Sunday school, mid-week, or Bible Clubs; K - 5th grade.)

Book includes: 12, one-hour sessions, 9 Christian Crafts, (6 crafts and 3 Yummy Devotions), 7 Bible Games, 4 Skits, Enrichment ideas, T-Shirt design and name tags. (Lesson overview samples are listed below.)   

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Lesson Overview Samples

Chap. 1 The Choice: Jesus
Jesus chose to come to earth to seek and to save those who are lost. There are two pathways in life, the narrow, less traveled way which leads to life, and the wide pathway which leads to death. Choose the Narrow Way. Choose Jesus.

Chap. 4 Choosing God's Best
Preparing for a special guest. Maryís and Marthaís choice.
Good vs. better choices. Our priorities. Choose to listen to Jesus.

Chap. 5 Truth or Consequences

Choose to tell the truth. Choose to share your possessions.
Choose good over evil. Choose to conduct your life in a way pleasing to God.

Book includes the Repent & Believe Spinning Top activity and a coupon worth 50% off for the coordinating music (see right side of page)!

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