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Tell Me The Story of Jesus TM  
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This two-semester series tells the story of Jesus, from childhood to Pentecost. Help children understand who Jesus was and why he came to earth; prepare their hearts to serve and follow him all the days of their lives.  Available as an e-book only. For K-5th grade.

Table of Contents

Semester One
1. Jesusí Childhood
2. Jesusí Baptism and Temptation
3. Calling of the Twelve
4. Sermon On The Mount: Salt & Light
5. Sermon On The Mount: Treasures In Heaven
6. Sermon On The Mount: Judging Others

Semester Two
7. Miracles of Jesus
8. Jesusí Love
9. Who Is Jesus?
10. Crucifixion & Resurrection
11. Jesus Appears To His Followers
12. Ascension, Commission and Pentecost

Click here to get a free craft from Lesson Nine.  

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Inspired by that great old hymn, "Tell Me The Story of Jesus". Click here to listen.

Tell Me The Story of Jesus TM

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* Book includes: 24 Sessions*, 15 Christian Crafts (13 crafts - 2 yummy devotions), 16 Bible Games,  18 Enrichment Ideas which includes skits, Song-time suggestions, name tags, t-shirt design, award certificate and two Scripture Memory Maps for each semester. For kindergarten - 5th grade.

Each lesson  is accompanied with a craft, game, memory verse, and song-time suggestions. If you use the lesson, memory verse, song, craft, and game for each session, it will take twelve, two hour sessions to complete this series. However, if you split each lesson into two sessions (recommended), whereby you present the lesson, memory verse, song, and craft in the first session and the game with lesson review, memory recitation, and song in the next session, it will take twenty-four, one hour sessions to complete this series.