Let Your Light Shine Relays

This Bible game reminds the players to pass the light of Christ to others. Jesus taught us to let our light shine in his Sermon on the Mount. Teach it to kids!
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Set up: You will need an empty paper towel roll “a torch,” and a small yellow pit ball, “the light,” for each team. Designate a course for teams to run relays. Divide players into teams of 4-6 players. Divide teams in half. Teams line up at both ends of the course side “A” and side “B” (2 or 3 on one end and 2 or 3 on the other end). 

How to Play: First player in each team on side “A” holds the “torch” and “lights” it by placing the ball on top. At the go, players with the torch race to the opposite side of the course to pass their torch light to their teammate on side “B,” and then proceed to the back of the line. The players holding the torch on side “B” then race to side “A” to hand off the torch light to the next player in line on their teams. During play, if the “light” falls off, players must stop and place it back on the torch before proceeding. If teams are uneven, one of the team players must race twice so that all players have their turn. Play as long as time allows. 

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