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David and Goliath Game

Draw or paint "Goliath" on a rollup shade. (Trace a picture of Goliath, and then use an overhead projector to copy it on the shade. Allow kids to paint it too.) Children take turns playing the Bible Superhero, "David." Use a bean bag for your stone. When "David" hits "Goliath" just right, the shade rolls up. 

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Mission Statement exists to equip Christian teachers with the tools to lead children to Christ and to help them grow in their faith by offering creative Bible lessons for children's ministry and a discussion forum for professionals and non-professionals.

Prayer Game

Here is one idea that kids love. I have taken a spinner from the twister game and created new categories: our country, our church, our community, and a free space so children can pray for whatever they want. Each child gets a turn to spin and whatever space they land on is what they pray for that day.

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Jonah and Prayer

Use wood or heavy cardboard to cut out whale shapes with a big open mouth (both eyes looking at you)--leave a space to glue a CD-ROM upside down (shiny reflective side up) over the wide open mouth. Let the children color their whales and then glue on the CD-ROM. When they look into the fish's mouth, they'll see themselves inside! (Whenever they are in the belly of a whale--or in the midst of another big problem--do what Jonah did: PRAY!) 

By Dana/St. Clair Shores, MI 

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Miracles of Jesus Bible Game

I taught the miracles for a week or two, as well as the lessons and healings. Then I made foot-shapes out of construction paper and wrote either, "miracle," "healing," or "teaching," on the front of each one. On the back, I gave scripture references. I then laminated them and we played a version of "cake walk." I would play the music, when it stopped they stopped on the closest footprint. I then drew one of the children's names out of a basket and that child would give an example of either a healing Jesus performed, a miracle, or one of His teachings. If they had trouble, they could look up one of the scriptures while the rest of the children did another round. You could keep score for a winner if you want, but we just did it for fun and when it became more difficult, (the easy answers were already given), everyone got to help the child whose name was chosen. 

By Toye Malm

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