A Kerosene Lamp - A Lesson on Sin

By Mary Goemaat


I invented a children's message, object lesson on sin when cleaning my old fashioned kerosene lamp. I took the lamp to church all shiny and clean and lit the wick and replaced the glass globe. I talked about how this light was the light of Jesus in our heart for all to see. I slowly turned up the wick and it burned too brightly and soon the glass became sooty and black. This I explained is the sin that creeps into our lives, bad language, stealing, lying, teasing others and things that hurt others and God. I tried to wipe this away from the outside by saying I will do better, I'll try to stop etc. . .but the dirt remained it was deep down in our heart. Now our light is so dull and barely visible for others to see that we are Christians, and we can't shine for Jesus. The only way to clean this sin away is to ask Jesus to forgive us, and to ask others to forgive us too. God then cleans the inside of our hearts (remove the globe and allow to cool for a moment while you talk and now clean the inside with a cloth). As it becomes clean talk about how only God can forgive our sins and clean our hearts because He was perfect and He chose to take our sin for us and pay our penalty with HIS death on the cross. Replace the globe and talk about how our light is bright and clear again, and how we should ask for forgiveness often and not let our light become so dull. We are examples for God and other people are watching us to see if we mean what we say. We need to keep our lives clean so others will be drawn to God by our example and love for Him, and we can tell others so they can have the light of Christ in their lives too!

Copyright by Mary Goemaat, Faith Reformed Church,  mary@faithrc.com

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