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Lent & Palm Sunday Skits


Hosanna to the King Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem is retold in this quick skit for Palm Sunday. Includes discussion questions and a coordinating craft activity.

Palm Sunday's Bad Boy The joy of Palm Sunday is counterbalanced with the betrayal of Judas; his hard-heartedness and greed separated him from his beloved Master. The play ends anticipating Resurrection Sunday and forgiveness of sins for all those who trust and follow the Christ. (A two-minute video presentation is also provided.) 

Palm Sunday Live! Join the Channel 10 news team as they cover breaking news in Jerusalem! Join the Channel 10 news team as they cover breaking news in Jerusalem! Join the Channel 10 news team as they cover breaking news in Jerusalem!

Palm Sunday Skit
Faith Scott has written this short skit with the ending unresolved, in order to make the audience ponder the events of that original Palm Sunday. 

Observing "LINT?" Comical confusion of the terms, Lint vs. Lent, which is then resolved with an explanation of Lent. From Sermon in a Sack--52 Quick n' Easy Children's Talks

The King's Crown, a Quick Skit for Lent Based on the Parable of the Tenant. No memorization required, with discussion questions and a coordinating craft. 

Bible skits and dramas for children's ministry




Easter Skits


An Easter Presentation
Debra Halleck has written a wonderful Easter play that can accompany a Passover Seder. 

Apprentice the fictional story of an ambitious young man from Greece who traveled to the Middle East to search for a Master Carpenter Mentor. 

Are You Ready?
We want to meet Jesus when we die, but are we ready? This introductory skit is written to prepare the hearers for an Easter message of salvation.

Easter Morning
What would Easter morning have been like in Jesus' day? Faith Scott tells the Easter story in this easy-to-produce skit. 

Eleven Minute Easter Musical Children act out the Easter story by pantomiming their parts to three well-known hymns--no dialog to memorize!

He's Alive!
Nancy Harper tells the story of four people who knew Jesus or were associated with Him during His life and at the time of His death. Each person tells what he or she knew about Jesus and how Jesus changed that individualís life.

He Is Risen
Faith Scott has delivered another short skit to bring the good message of the risen Lord! 

Just The Facts Jesus Christ has risen from the grave and those that believe in him and are baptized, shall be saved. The dialogue is delivered in the same matter-of-fact manner as in the Dragnet television show.

Passion Narrative This was written for a middle school retreat on Good Friday so the children would hear the whole story of the betrayal, arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

Resurrected and Ascended Sample this Bible skit from Act Two, Scene 9 of Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits.

The Centurion The Easter story is engagingly told through the eyes of a Roman Centurion named Marcus Gaius.

The Real Reason for Easter A group of children find out what is the real reason for celebrating Easter. There are lots of fun things like rabbits and Easter eggs, but Jesusí death, resurrection and his promise to return are the only possible reasons why we celebrate.

The Easter Bunny Story
The Easter Bunny tells the Real Story in Diana Brown's skit. 

The Resurrection
Nancy Harper tells the resurrection story. "He's Alive" written by Don Francisco, is sung by "Peter" at the end.

The UN-PASSIONATE Christ...What If? 
What if Jesus came to earth out of selfish ambition, rather than to seek and to save the lost? Where would mankind be? 

What's Easter All About?
Easter isn't about bunnies and chocolate covered eggs. This puppet play incorporates a paper cutting technique to reveal the true meaning of Easter.



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