Flip-Card HALLOWEEN Gospel Tract


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Insert reads: 
Is it scary, hairy monsters 
or spooky, kooky creepers?

Life can be scary, but when you trust in Jesus
he promises to never leave you alone.
Jesus LOVES You!

"God loved you so much that he sent Jesus to earth,
and if you trust in him, God will give you the gift of eternal
life in heaven with him." (Adapted from John 3:16.)



What You Need
Flip-card pattern with insert; a flat, cellophane wrapped lollipop on a stick; scissors; double-stick tape; stapler. (TIP: Set your printer to the best quality setting before printing the pattern.)

Print out scarecrow pattern and insert. Fold pattern in half so the scarecrow is facing out. Fold pattern in half again so the scarecrow is facing out and the words are folded inside. Cut out pattern. Wrap a piece of double-stick tape around lollipop, and then stick it inside over the "Jesus Loves You" circle.

Staple shut with one staple (so pattern can be opened and read).
Hold between the palms of your hands and roll the stick back and forth to animate your scarecrow. 

Give one to a friend or hand them out to trick or treaters!

Copyright 2006 Sarah A. Keith

You may print this page with the pattern and then distribute it, but please do not remove the copyright notices.

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