Who's Team Are You On Anyway? 

Bible Talk for Kids - Children's Sermon

Sermon Focus: Anyone Whoís Not Against Us Is For Us Ė Mark 9:38-41

Place the following items in a bag: 3 Baseball caps (2 from one team, and 1 from another), Bible, small water bottles (one per child)

Say: "In todayís Bible story Jesusí disciples told him they saw someone doing a miracle in his name. This upset them because the Disciples didnít think he was one of Jesusí followers. In other words, they didnít think he was on the same team as they were.

(Remove caps from bag, place on volunteers)

When players wear these caps, it shows they represent those teams. To understand why the disciples were upset, it would be like this player from (point at and name the team) helping these other two players from (point at another team hat and name that team) to win a game. The coach of that one team wouldnít like it, but the other team certainly would! Letís read now what Jesus said to his disciples.

(Remove Bible from bag, read Mark 9:38-40 from a child-friendly Bible.)

To do something in Jesusí name means you represent him or stand in his place. Jesus wanted his disciples to accept all people who loved Jesus, even though they may be different from them; he wants them to see them as part of the same team.

(Read Mark 9:41 and then remove water bottles from bag and give to children)

This verse teaches us that kindness towards others is important to our heavenly Father; he will reward us for it. Iíd like you now to give your bottle of water to someone in the congregation and do it in Jesusí name, because as Christians, we represent Jesus."

(Close in prayer)

Copyright 2009 S. A. Keith 
Photograph by Klim Musalimov @unsplash.com

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