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Start (or end) your day by reading one of the Psalms from the classic King James Version of Scripture. Meditate on the Psalms, saying them as prayers. Then, grab a highlighter pen to find the underlined words from the Psalm, which are hidden in the puzzle. The solution follows each puzzle. For ages 10 to adult. By reading the Psalm, meditating on it, and then focusing on the keywords, I hope to inspire you to think on God's word throughout the day!

Table of Contents
1. Psalm 1
2. Psalm 5:1-8
3. Psalm 8
4. Psalm 19:1-7
5. Psalm 19:8-14
6. Psalm 23
7. Psalm 62:1-8
8. Psalm 63:1-8
9. Psalm 91:1-8
10. Psalm 91:1-16

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God bless you!
Sarah Keith

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