Christmas Word Find Puzzle

The Shepherd Narrative 

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Read Luke 2:1-20 from a child-friendly Bible.
To solve the puzzle, circle each word as you find it in the Word Find grid, below, and then cross it off the list of words in the box. Words are written backwards, forwards, up, down, and diagonal.

Our Christmas Word Find Puzzle coordinates well with our Christmas lesson party event, Meet Me at the Manger. 

MEET ME AT THE MANGER, based on the Shepherd narrative from the Gospel of Luke, is also great outreach event for the children in your community. Very little preparation is required, just gather a few items and you're ready to go! Our Christmas Party Event Planner helps children joyfully celebrate the Advent season while learning about the birth of King Jesus, the real reason for the season, as recorded in the shepherd narrative from Luke 2:1-20. (For K-5th grade)

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