David and Goliath Musical Skit

Piggy Back Song to The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Choose your actors: David, Goliath, Philistines (2 or more children). The rest of the children memorize the song and then sing it while the actors pantomime the action. (Inspired from 1 Samuel 17) 

Optional props: pouch with stones, slingshot, sword and helmet for Goliath.


David fought Goliath with a slingshot.
(David and Goliath actors pretend to argue and puff out their chest)

He brought five stones to knock Goliath out.
(David holds up the pouch with stones)

Philistines laughed and they called David names.
(Philistines behind Goliath pointing and laughing at David)

So David beat Goliath and Israel wins again!
(David aims slingshot at Goliath and Goliath falls down, Philistines run away)


Copyright 2024 Demarquis Johnson
(As a Head Start teacher, Demarquis is inspired to write songs that help children to know and love Jesus.) 

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