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Chapter one of the book of John is very special to me. It had been memorized by my mother when she was in her mid 60s. Eventually, in her 80s, her health failed and dementia took over her beautiful mind. It was then that she came to live with my family. Amazingly, even though she often didn't know who I was, she never forgot who Jesus was, and was able to repeat John 1:1-17 even five weeks before she went to be with Jesus! Watch her now!

I am now setting out to memorize John 1:1-14, which inspired me to create this set of Bible Memory cards. Watch this video to see the cards presented, or click the link below to download them. I'm offering them for free to all who would like to join me in memorizing this great portion of Scripture! I hope you'll share this page with others too. 

I have also written a lesson series for kids on the Word becoming flesh. You'll find this resource in my book, Bible Games Explosion.

Bible Games for Children's Ministry

Download the Bible Memory Cards.

If you download these memory cards, I'd love to know. And if you memorize them, I definitely want to know! email me at

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