Honoring your Father and Mother

Itís An ďINGĒ Thing - 5th Commandment Lesson Starter

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The fifth commandment says: "Honor your father and your mother" Exodus 20:12.

The first four commandments teach us how to love God. The fifth commandment begins teaching us how to love others. In the 5th commandment we learn of Godís love, because he gave us parents who love and care for us. It is within our homes where we first learn to depend on and obey those in authority over us. We learn to trust our parents* to provide for our needs, to protect us, and comfort us. And since our parents have spent their lives serving us, we should honor them. 

What does it mean to show honor? (To show respect and appreciation, to look up to, to cherish and admire.)

Here is a little trick to remember how to honor our parents: itís an ING thing! 

You honor your parents by:
PrayING for them, 
ObeyING them the first time you're asked,
HelpING them, even when youíre not asked, 
CarING for their needs and for your siblINGgs, because parents love them too! 
RespectING them with your words and actions, and
ListenING to them (without rollING your eyes)! 
LovING them, because they love you! 
In all these thINGs, you are actually honorING God!

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This lesson starter on the 5th Commandment, goes well with our Godís Top Ten lessons

*It is difficult to understand how this commandment relates to Godís love when a child comes from an abusive or broken home. Ultimately, parents can be a ďgoodĒ bad example to teach us what we donít want to become. Yet, children need to know that even the best of parents will disappoint us from time to time, because they are human beings and are sinners. But God is our Heavenly Father, and he will always be there to help and care for us, even when our earthly parents fail us or mistreat us. Jesus understands hardship, abuse, and betrayal. He was innocent of all the charges brought against himóhe was without sin, yet he willingly went to the cross to die in our place, to defeat evil and death, because he loves us that much!

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