Our Father Relays 

Bible Game

The “Our Father Relays” is a great add-on game to The Prayer of Jesus Bible Lessons.

1) To reinforce the meaning of God’s "hallowed" nature, that is he is holy, set apart, pure, righteous, good, etc. You might ask children for other words to describe God. (Awesome, friend, Savior, etc.)
2) We can approach and pray to the Father through Jesus, our Mediator.

Before playing, discuss the first line of the prayer, (see Lesson One from the Prayer of Jesus), and the meaning of the cards and how they reflect and define God’s holiness.

Set Up
At one end of your playing area, preferably outdoors, place a large cross. (3” PVC pipe with connectors makes for a durable and long lasting option.) At the opposite end of the playing area establish a start line.

Print the patterns on heavy card stock paper. You will need one copy of page 1, which is then taped to the cross. You will need a copy of page 2 and 3 for each team. Cut cards apart and place each set in a bucket.

Divide children into teams of 3-6 players. Place a bucket of cards next to the start line for each team. 

How to Play
Teams line up at the start line. At the go, first player from each team takes a card out of their bucket, races to the cross, kneels at the cross and then reads aloud the phrase attached to the cross, “Our Father which art in Heaven, (says word drawn out of bucket) be thy name.” 

Player then stands back up, races back to their team line to tag the next player in line, and goes to the back of their team line. Next player takes their turn playing as before, until all the cards are drawn out of the bucket. First team to say all the cards wins. Play again if there is time.

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"Our Father Relays" Bible game coordinates well with The Prayer of Jesus Bible lessons.

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