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Newsletter Issue #1  --  January 8, 2019  

Intentional Teaching or Willy-Nilly?

Are your Bible lessons planned according to a structured, intentional scope and sequence or do you teach willy-nilly. Are your lessons disconnected, teaching whatever strikes you or throwing them together last minute because you don't have time for long-term planning? I understand, all of us teachers have been there, and if this happens occasionally, then most likely it isn't a problem. However, this should not be the norm. We have our students for a short time—we have eternal work to accomplish! I believe it is imperative to prioritize a scope and sequence of Bible lessons. We must ask, "What do we aim to achieve and what goals do we seek to accomplish?"

Currently, my midweek Bible class spans two years, which translates into four semesters. During this time, one of our goals is to achieve Scripture memorization from the Old and New Testaments, and to do so within a sequence of Bible lessons that are connected.  We have decided upon the following scope, sequence, and goals: in year one, the children learn about and memorize The Ten Commandments from the Old Testament, and The Lord's Prayer from the New Testament. In year two, the children learn and memorize The Twenty-third Psalm from the Old Testament, and The Beatitudes from the New Testament. By following this two-year scope and sequence schedule, the children in our class will have learned and memorized important life-application Scriptures and discovered how to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ!

Do you agree with the idea of establishing a scope and sequence for your Bible lessons? We'd love to hear how you plan your teaching schedule and the goals you hope to achieve in your ministry to children this coming new year!


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