Pass the Bread 

Our Daily Bread Bible Game

Before the Game Discussion

Who provides the food that you eat and the clothes that you wear?” (Allow for discussion) 

When we pray, “Give us this day our daily bread,” do we really believe we need to ask God for this, or do we think that our bread comes from our parents, homes, or schools? If our parents couldn’t work, then who would provide for us? (Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, maybe even the government?) But if the rain wouldn’t fall and the grain fields dried up, who would provide our bread then? We must always remember that God sends rain to water the fields, and He gives us our health so we can work to earn our food, clothing, and shelter. 

This part of Jesus’ prayer reminds us to depend on God for all of our needs—physical and spiritual—and not just pray for our own needs, but for the needs of others as well.

"Pass the Bread" game coordinates well with The Prayer of Jesus Bible lessons.

Object of the Game

The Lord’s Prayer teaches us to pray for ourselves and others. We say, “Give US this day our daily bread.” In today’s game the balls represent loaves of bread. Teams must work together to gather the bread for their team. 

Play the Game

What You Need: dozens of small playground balls or pit balls, Hoola-Hoops.

How to Play: place the balls at the center of the playing area. Divide players into teams of 4-6 players. You may need more that two teams depending on the size of your class. Designate team lines to extend out from the center with a Hoola-Hoop at the end of the team lines. Players line up one behind the other facing the center where the “loaves of bread” are kept. (See diagram, below.)

At the go, players on each team, closest to the center, grabs one loaf of bread and then passes it backwards over their heads to the player standing directly behind him or her, who then grabs the loaf and passes it backwards overhead, and so on until the bread reaches the last player in line who then drops the bread into their team's basket, (the Hoola-Hoop). You might also have children say one word of this part of the prayer, "Give-Us-This-Day-Our-Daily-Bread," as they pass the "bread" down the line.

How to Win: When all the bread is distributed, teams with the most bread in their baskets win for that round. If there’s time, play again, but change the way children pass the bread, such as, passing the bread over head and under legs.

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