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A Bible Memory Game

Bible memory game

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This is a great game for reviewing memory verses. The kids were captivated by it. It was great seeing how it held their attention! I'd love to hear from you! Share your comments: sarah@sundayschoolnetwork.com

Set up: Before class, write the Bible verse on the board that your class has been memorizing. Leave out several of the words, replacing them with underlines.

For example, we used this during our Good Shepherd Psalm 23 Bible lessons:

The ______ is my _____________; I _______ not ______.
He __________ me to ____ down in ________ pastures;
He leadeth me __________ the still ________.
He ____________ my _______;

How to play: Challenge children to fill in the missing word. Choose a child to begin, giving him or her the chalk or marker to fill in ONE missing word. If it's incorrect or spelled wrong, don't say anything. Children watching may not say anything either. This gives another child the opportunity to erase the word and fill in the correct word. One by one children write on the board the missing words in the verse. It was amazing how this game held their attention. They were very motivated to play. I think the aspect of correcting wrong answers and incorrect spelling added to their interest. 

Once the verse is completed, say it together. 

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