Bible Books Name Game

Learn the Bible Books | by Dr. Phil

The Bible can be divided into 10 parts, five in the Old Testament & five in the New Testament.

5 - Law - Genesis,E,L,N,D
12 - History - Joshua,J,R,IS,IIS,IK,IIK,IC,IIC,E,N,E
5 - Poetry - Job,P,P,E,SS
5 - Long prophets - Isaiah,J,L,E,D
12 - Short prophets - Hosea,J,A,O,J,M,N,H,Z,H,Z,M

Gospels - Matthew,M,L,J
History - Acts
Paul's letters - Romans, IC,IIC,G,E,P,C,IT,IIT,IT,IIT,T,P
Other letters - Hebrews,J,IP,IIP,IJ,IIJ,IIIJ,J
The Future - The Revelation

In a noisy and rambunctious game I divided the room into 5 sections. I call out the name of a book or "section." The kids race to the section of the room with that book in it. I post the names of the books on the wall. Oh it is wild, but boy, do they learn the books of the Bible!

The first week I begin with the names of all 4 Gospels and just the names of the other 4 sections of the NT. Each week I add 2, 3, or 4 new books.

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Play your cards right and you'll learn the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation!

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