Bottled Fruit - An Object Lesson
On Christian Growth

by Maurice Sweetsur


Purpose: Growing as a Christian (to become more like Jesus).

This illustration takes a long time to prepare, but is well worth the effort.

While a fruit (a lemon or orange is ideal) is still very small and attached to its tree, place a narrow-necked bottle over it and tie to branch. Leave in place until the fruit has fully grown inside the bottle. Remove the bottle containing the fruit and show it to your class.

Ask "How did I get this fruit inside the bottle?" A few children may work it out, but most won't. Explain how you did it, stating that the tiny fruit had all the potential to grow into a large fruit, but that it needed food to grow. This food (sap) was all provided by the tree. Use this as an analogy for the newly born-again (or baby) Christian who has all that is needed to become the person God wants them to be, but needs to grow. Our food is God's Word (plus prayer and fellowship etc.).

Ask "What would have happened to the baby fruit if I had cut the twig attaching it to the branch while it was still small?" Answer. It would not have grown. In fact it would have withered away and died. Again use the analogy of the baby Christian who does not feed on God's Word.

Copyright 2003 Maurice Sweetsur 

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