Lesson Focus: Evangelism

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What You Need 
A Bible, 10 bowling pins and ball (the plastic variety), a blindfold, 10 Post-It Notes. 

How To Play
Set-Up: Number your Post-It Notes 1-10, and stick them on your bowling pins. Arrange your pins in a straight line about 2' apart. First, teach the object lesson and have the players write down their answers. 

Once you've completed the object lesson, below, blindfold one of the players. Turn the blindfolded player around a few times. Have the "seeing" players explain to the "blinded" player the right direction to go, and how to roll the ball and knock over a pin. Once the blinded player knocks a pin down, player reads the number and corresponding question, and then answers it. The next player takes a turn. Continue playing until everyone has had a chance to bowl and all the answers have been given. (The boys really loved this game and were rather loud while playing it. SUCCESS!)

Object Lesson

Read Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 8:1-8, and 26-40 from a child-friendly Bible.

Jesus has commanded his followers to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). We must use our abilities, skills, and the knowledge we have to lead the "blind" to God. To accomplish this task we must grow in our faith and knowledge by reading God's word. In Acts 8:1-8, Philip had fled from Jerusalem due to persecution. In Acts 8:26-39, we read that God led Philip to speak to an Ethiopian official, and heard him reading from the book of Isaiah (Chapter 53:7-8). Philip asked him if he understood what he was reading. The man replied, "How can I unless someone explains it to me?" Then Philip explained the meaning of the Scripture, and told him the good news about Jesus.

Philip was obedient to God. He used his abilities and the knowledge he had of Scripture to speak about Jesus. Upon hearing it, the Ethiopian was no longer blinded to the truth; he became a believer on that very day!


Have the players read the Scripture verses, answer the questions, and then discuss them before playing.

1. In Matthew 28:18-20, what does Jesus mean when he says, "Go and make disciples...?" Read Acts 8:1-8. 
2. Who are the main characters?
3. Why did Philip leave Jerusalem?
4. What did Philip do, and what was the result of his actions?

Read Acts 8:26-40
5. Did Philip obey God?
6. Are you willing to obey God? Write down one way you could be like Philip this week.
7. Why was the Ethiopian official puzzled? 
8. Why was Philip able to help him?
9. How did he respond to Philip?
10. How can you grow in your knowledge of God? 

In Believers-Bowling, the sighted players are able to lead the blinded player. So it is with God's children. We have been given eyes to see the truth of God's word. We are commanded to go and make disciples of those who are blinded to the truth. We must lead them to see and understand by using our abilities and knowledge of God. The Holy Spirit will do the rest and save those who are willing to receive him. 

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