Chrismon DIY Ornament Patterns

Learn to Make Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments

The photos, below, are a sampling of the ornaments included in the book. There are 16 pattern designs—two per page—for a total of 32 patterns per book. Each pattern has a corresponding Scripture verse. The pattern designs are fun to cut with family and friends. They are a great do-it-yourself "DIY" project for the Christmas Advent season! (For ages 9-Adult. To make the ornaments, you'll need a small scissors and a 1/8" hole punch. Learn more.)

Chrismon snowflake patterns
Cover photo: "Two Doves"

Chrismon circle cross

Chrismon hearts

Chrismon star

Chrismon angel cross
Angel Cross

Chrismon heart cross
Heart Cross

Chrismon cross with doves
Cross with Four Doves

Chrismon butterfly

Chrismon cross with doves and fishes
Cross With Doves and Fishes

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