A Christmas Play 

The True Spirit of Christmas | by Faith Scott

Setting: One Room

Table with plate of real cookies, rolling pin, white material for dough, cookie
cutters, a candle, a couple of decorations for a centerpiece, a baby doll, a small cardboard manger, (I made a manger out of cardboard and put a piece of material in it, straw would do also), a telephone, a small table with box of decorations, with some garland hanging out, and a 'To-Do List' big enough for the audience to see.

-Mother (wearing an apron)
-At least 4 to 5 children, can use children's real names.
-Since I only had 5 children they also played the part of the 4 angels.
-Four Angels: 'Hope', 'Joy', 'Peace' and 'Love'. *
-Someone to clue angels when to enter.
-Children not speaking can come in with the speaking angels and stand at the
back of the stage to be joined by each of the speaking angels.

* Speaking Angels had construction paper folded in half like folder, with their angel
name, Joy, Hope, Peace on outside and their part inside. Love did not have a folder.

Mom (standing in front of table, talking to herself): So much to do, I know I'm forgetting something. Oh, yes - call Jane.

Mom dials phone (while talking on phone, removes a couple items from the box of decorations. One being a baby wrapped up like Baby Jesus. She lays this aside where it can later be picked up easily by the Angel of Love.

Mom talking on the phone: Hi Jane, it is (name) Listen I don't think I can help out at the homeless shelter. I really have a lot to do, you know how Dan's family likes everything to be perfect for Christmas. I know me either - I just can't get into the Christmas Spirit. I'm sure you will find someone else to take my place. Well, got to go, Happy Holidays to you. Bye.

Children enter (from back of church, off stage, where ever). I also paired my children together. They are coming home from school. First is Elizabeth and Kerry (Kerry is Elizabeth's Friend)

Elizabeth: Hi Mom

Mom: Hi Elizabeth

Kerry: Hi Mrs. Scott

Mom: Hi Kerry

Elizabeth: Mom can we go with Kerry and her Mom to sing carols at the nursing home?

Mom: Well, Liz, I just have so much I have to do, baking, decorating, wrapping
presents, I'm just too busy.

Kerry: Can Elizabeth come with me and my Mom?

Mom: Yes, she can go with you.

Elizabeth and Kerry together: Oh goody.

Mom: Elizabeth, behave yourself.

Elizabeth: I will.

Elizabeth and Kerry : Bye. (they leave stage)

Mom: Bye you two. (rolling cookie dough out)

(Katy and Mike enter)

Katy: Hi Mom

Mike: Mom

Mom: Hi, Katy, Mike.

Katy to Mom: What are you doing?

Mom: I'm making some cookies for your class at school and a hundred other things.

Katy: (Picking up cookie, hands one to Mike) Boy, these are fancy, why don't you just buy some at the store, the kids won't care. (She takes a bite of the cookie.)

Mom: Katy, are you kidding, I didn't watch all those cookie baking shows for nothing. Besides, if Debbie's mother can bring gingerbread boys with everyone's name on it, I should be able to make something just as good or better. I want to show my creativity.

Katy: Whatever! Mom, Mike and I are going over to watch Mrs. Jones's twins while she goes to the Doctors.

Mom: OK, that's nice, come home as soon as Mrs. Jones returns dear.

Katy and Mike OK bye. (they leave stage)

(Sarah enters)

Sarah: Hi Mom

Mom: Hi Sarah, how are you dear?

Sarah: Fine, boy, look at all this stuff. Can I help you with the cookies?

Mom: Well, not really, these cookies are hard to do and I want them to be perfect.

Sarah: How about the centerpiece for the table?

Mom: Well, no I want that to be really special, you know how hard it is to impress
Grandma with anything, but I'm going to try.

Sarah: OK, well (picks up a cookie and nibbles it). I am going to my room to do some
stuff and read.

Mom: OK, see you later.

Mom in room by herself: Boy, Christmas is for kids, we adults do all the work preparing for everything and they get to enjoy it all. Oh, to be young.

Mom picks up to do list: Boy, I am so tired, Christmas is getting to be too much. I just can't get the Christmas Spirit. I need to sit down just for a few minutes. Let's see what else I have to do. - sits in chair - I'll close my eyes for just a few minutes.

(Mom dozes off in the chair for a few seconds)

(* First Angel appears and startles Mom.)

Angel: Greetings, Greetings.

Mom: Oh, who are you?

Angel: I am the Angel of Joy.

Mom: Angel of Joy? ....So you are the angel of joy huh? What joy is there, especially this time of the year, with all the advertising starting in Sept, people being disappointed at not receiving the things they want for Christmas, buying presents for people you don't really know and some you don't really like. Spending money you don't have, and the disappointment when Christmas doesn't happen like it does on the TV shows.

Angel of Joy: Well, real joy is: the joy of God's presence. Joy is giving. Joy stands for Jesus, others, and yourself -- in that order. Joy is the coming of Jesus, then, now, and in the future.....God's joy to you.

(Angel of Joy goes and stands at the back of the stage. Mom dozes off again wait a couple of seconds.)

* Second Angel Enters

Angel: Hello!, Hello!

Mom: Oh no, another one; and who are you?

Angel: I'm the Angel of Peace.

Mom: So, you're the angel of peace? There can't really be peace, why with families arguing, countries fighting, people fighting each other because of their differences, how can there be peace? And when you do think you have peace, another problem pops up.

Angel of Peace: You are looking at peace in the wrong way, true peace is: Knowing God is in control. Jesus came to bring peace on earth, peace to the heart of those who accept Him. The peace of contentment. Peace with God. (Pause)...Peace unto you.

(Angel of Peace goes and stands in the back. Mom dozes off again, wait a couple of seconds)

* Third Angel Enters

Angel: You-hoo! You-hoo!

Mom: O give me a break...and you are the angel of what?

Angel: I am the Angel of Hope.

Mom: Angel of hope? I hope this dream ends soon. What hope is there? I don't think people will ever change. I don't think Christmas will get any better, in fact I just see it getting more and more hectic. Soon we won't even know what Christmas is about. I just don't see much hope for this old world.

Angel of Hope: There is hope because Jesus came to bring you new hope, a hope of a life that is better than this. Hope is found through faith in God's wisdom and love. Jesus is the hope of the world. Keep your hope alive.

(Mom looks down)

* Forth Angel Enters (Angel of Love)

(She picks up the baby Jesus which has been put in a convenient place. Angel of love doesn't say anything at first.)

Mom (looking up) I know...know...you are an angel.

Angel of Love (walks over and hands Mom the baby Jesus and says): I am the angel of love. The Spirit of Christmas is God's love sent down to earth in His Son. God's love to you.

(Angel of Love goes to the back of the stage.)

Mom (takes the baby over and puts it on the manger on the table. She stops and then speaks to the audience): Boy! Joy, peace, hope, and love, that's the true spirit of Christmas! The food, gifts, tree, and decorations are just things for us to enjoy. They aren't the real meaning of Christmas. I've been trying to create the Spirit of Christmas with outward things. I can't create it, it was created when God gave the gift of His son to the world. I just need to celebrate it. Christmas is intended to be a celebration, not a contest. A celebration of the birth of Christ and all that it brings to us.

(Mom Takes off apron and throws it down.)

Mom says: These things can wait, (picks up a cookie) I think I will go over to the nursing home. Now I have the Spirit of Christmas--Joy to the world! (pauses)

All the angels at the back of the stage: Shout sing: Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah! (Children could sing a song here.)

The End. 

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