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You may print ideas from the free portions of our website for use within your classrooms, organizations or for personal home use. It is not necessary to contact us beforehand for permission to use our free resources. HOWEVER, please make sure copyright info and website / ChristianCrafters.Com--is clearly marked on all handouts, flyers or skit programs that you distribute to your members within your church or organization. Reprint permissions DO NOT apply to items that are purchased from the site and that bear our copyright.

In addition, if you are using our ideas for commercial or noncommercial publication in any medium (websites, magazines, church newsletters, flyers, tracts, etc.), you must first contact us for reprint permission. Any materials used must also include copyright year, name and website. 

Regarding submissions to or ChristianCrafters.Com and the SSTN newsletter:

Submissions must be made with the knowledge that no monetary compensation will be made for your submission(s). However, your name and contact information will always be placed with your submission to promote your work and to allow other interested parties to contact you. / ChristianCrafters.Com reserves the right to use submissions for publicity purposes and will always credit the submitter.

Please keep in mind that SKCI* is continually developing new ideas and as such, deals in and with many ideas and products on a continuous basis and there is always the possibility that all or some portions of an idea, work, invention or other form of product presented to / ChristianCrafters.Com /d.b.a. "SKCI" and the Sunday School Teacher's Network, may be similar or could be perceived to be similar to those which you may submit.

For further inquiry, email:  

Copyright 1997 - S. A. Keith / ChristianCrafters.Com -- All Rights Reserved. 

(*S. Keith of Creative Imaginations "SKCI" http://www.creativeimaginations.NET since 1997)

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