God Is The Lord


Mark, a missionary from Austria, writes: "I am from California and Becky is from Ohio. We met at Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada. Becky and I have been serving the Lord in Austria for thirty years. We have been helping to strengthen the evangelical churches and are now concentrating our efforts especially by doing children's programs at retreats or conferences. Our programs are usually in German. Our program for this year was about the 10 Commandments. We had Bible lessons and crafts for each commandment with songs that fit to each commandment. We are continually encouraged to hear that the children keep crafts they have done and remember the Bible lessons, songs and verses they have learned.

Our son, Christopher Bryan, is a graduate assistant at Pensacola Christian College. He created the God Is The LORD craft to accompany our lesson on the 2nd Commandment.

Your servants in Austria for the children, 
Mark & Becky Bryan"

Editor's note: Anyone wanting to hear more about Mark and Becky's missions ministry and/or receive their Austroventure emails can write to them at:  marknbecky@aon.at 

What you do:

Print out the God Is The LORD pattern. Put four letters on a page and cut them horizontally so that half-sheet pages with two letters on a page could be taped together. (I used Corel Photo-Paint and Word 2000 for cutting and fitting the letters on the paper.) The children colored each letter either with colored pencils or felt tip pens. Each half-sheet is folded in the middle. The children then tape them together in the right order so that "God is the Lord" can be read. The whole sentence is folded accordion style. After folding, foamy backing like book covers are glued on and the title strip, "God is the Lord" is glued on to the front. The second commandment speaks against images of God - pseudo representations of God - which draw our attention away from Him. We are not to misrepresent God. These words, imbedded in letters, are characteristics of God describing how He is, drawing our attention to the true God. He is THE LORD. We are to worship HIM the way He really is.

Copyright 2001 Christopher Bryan, Mark & Becky Bryan

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