Christmas Drum





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What You Need: 1 lb. coffee can, red felt, green ribbon or felt, 2 gold chenille stems, 4 gold paper fasteners, Tacky glue or hot glue, nail and hammer.

What You Do:  Measure and cut red felt to fit around can. Glue end of felt to can (have an adult hot glue felt to can). Glue green ribbon or strips of green felt to top and bottom edges of can. Place can on sides and hammer a nail through top of can on opposite sides. Do the same on the bottom with nail holes placed between top holes (see picture). Loosely place paper fasteners in holes. Bend chenille stem in half and place on top paper fastener and bend around bottom fasteners on either side. Repeat for the other paper fasteners. Tighten fasteners down on the inside of can.

Fill with candies or cookies and give as a gift. Or use the drum in class to praise Jesus!

Copyright 2005 S.A. Keith

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