Jesus O' Lantern
by Emmalea Butler


Many of you may have received the story via e-mail, on witnessing salvation by using a Jack-O-Lantern:

The inside of the pumpkin represents the sin in our life.

When we ask Christ to forgive our sins, HE "cleans us out" - removes the sin.

Then as Christ changes our lives, the story suggests that we designate this by carving a happy face that shines for the entire world to see.

The past few years I have shared Christ in much the same manner, but by carving a unique Jesus design on my pumpkin. I then say that it is Jesus that we see glowing from within us.


Others will see Jesus in us when HE lives within our hearts. Having Christ, as Savior and Lord of your life, will make a difference in the way the world sees you. "If anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is passed away, behold the new is born!" (2 Corinthians 5:17) Additionally, we can see the negative becoming positive. Just like the negative side of Christ dying - gave the positive side of eternal life for us. 

I always have a little trouble thinking in reverse when I do the Jesus-O-Lantern. BUT - it is so neat to be almost confused - but trusting - that the project will work. It is so awesome to see the "face of Jesus" so clearly after it is finished. 



And that it is the way it is as we trust Christ in our daily lives - to get us through confusing and unclear difficulties; after a while of just doing what we know is right to do we finally do see the big picture - Jesus was there all along!


I enlarged and drew (freehand) a “negative” design of Jesus on a pumpkin. (Click here to get the Jesus picture.)


I then deeply “scrape” all of the area designated by the black, and leave the pumpkin surface, as it is, on all of the area designated by the white.

To preserve the carved area from shrinking and discoloring, rub a light coating of petroleum jelly into the carved area. Doing the same to the inside helps the pumpkin from mildewing as quickly.

Please Note:

It is important to scrape somewhat deep (but not all the way through) - at least ½ the thickness of the rind. One of my tools for scraping is a long handled little baby’s spoon! I find that the flesh area is more striking if the Jesus-O-Lantern is illuminated with a light bulb instead of a candle. Usually a Christmas light bulb from a ceramic tree works pretty well. I have also used a bright flashlight (lantern type), for short demonstrations. Unless the carved out area is very thin, a candle does not give off the intense light needed for this display.

When my "Jesus-O-Lantern" is lit, Jesus' face glows with flesh tones and texture!

Joyfully Serving Him,
Emmalea Butler

Copyright 2000 Emmalea Butler

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