You're Really Cookin'!
"A Recipe For a Sunday School Teacher"


What you need: Plain apron or potholder, fabric paint.

What you do: Apply paint to rubber stamps or children's handprints to imprint the apron or potholder.

Print recipe, below, onto a card. Then pin it, or tie it with a ribbon onto the apron or potholder. Give as a gift to a Sunday School Teacher to show your appreciation for his or her ministry.

Marinate servant heart in a blend of Scripture, prayer, and faith till tender. Blend together generous portions of kindness, patience, and endurance. Stir in a dash of wisdom, an ounce of preparation, one smiling face, and two loving arms.

Leaven with laughter and humility.

Combine all ingredients in a jar of clay and heat in Refiner's fire until warmth and a sweet aroma radiate from the vessel.

Store at room temperature.

Serves multitudes!

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Copyright 2002  Kit MacLeod
Children's Education Director

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