Worship Clock



The Worship Clock is a way of helping children journey through worship. The hand can be moved to show what is happening or is about to happen. It is designed for use in an English Anglican church (see text below), but could be adapted to follow the pattern of your own liturgy. 

Mary Hawes - England 

Best Wishes,


From the top of the clock and proceeding clockwise:

1) We get ready to worship God.
2) Saying sorry- we say sorry for the wrong things we've done and hear God forgives us.
3) We sing glory to God.
4) We listen to the readings from the Bible.
5) We listen to the sermon and try to hear what God is saying to us.
6) We believe...we all say what we believe as Christians.
7) We pray together. We thank God. We pray for people who need God to be especially close to them.
8) We share God's peace together.
9) We get ready for Holy Communion. We bring forth gifts of bread and wine. The priest says the Eucharistic Prayer.
10) We say the Lord's Prayer together. This is the prayer Jesus taught his friends to pray.
11) We receive the bread and wine and remember all that Jesus said and did.
12) We receive God's blessing and get ready to serve God in the world.



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