Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits TM

21 Skits Based on the Gospel of Mark

Teach your kids to act on their faith! Produce a living Bible. 
The skits can also be used with your existing lesson plans. 
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ACT ONE: The Ministry of Jesus 

1. Make Way for Jesus 
2. Choosing the Twelve 
3. Is There A Doctor In The House? 
4. The Farmer 
5. Jesus Calms the Storm 
6. A Sick Woman and a Dead Girl 
7. The All-You-Can-Eat Meal 
8. Jesus Walks On Water 
9. Who Am I? 
10. Who's the Greatest? 
11. The Rich Young Man 
12. Pick Me! Pick Me! 

ACT TWO: The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus

1. Triumphal Entry 
2. Parable of the Tenants 
3. The Greatest Commandment 
4. Jesus' Anointing 
5. The Lord's Supper 
6. Jesus Prays 
7. Jesus Is Arrested 
8. Crucified and Buried 
9. Resurrected and Ascended!

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"The students really liked performing it [Lights, Camera, Action - Gospel of Mark] for our Junior School. I thought it was great to have a skit that was solidly grounded in Biblical facts, was entertaining for kids and gave lots of ideas for props and costumes - all the things a Christian teacher wants in a Bible skit."

So thank you for this resource,
~ Julia S. - Kids Club Ministry

"We use "Light's, Camera, Action! Bible Skits - Gospel of Mark." First, we tell the story to the kids, then we select volunteers to do the parts, pass out skits and they go off and get into costumes, while the other children come to tables where we have a coloring and activity pages and a snack. When the kids are all costumed up we move back to the chairs to watch the skit. Then we end with the discussion questions. Sometimes we have a contest, usually boys against girls, to answer both the review questions and then other basic bible trivia questions. We didn't ever get to doing the videotaping of the skits and watching them, but maybe another year. We were blessed to have several painted backdrops from plays done in the past. This gave us a defined area that we do the teaching & the skits. It is such a blessing to see how God pulled all these things together for His good purposes. Thank you for making these skits available at such a reasonable price!" 

Loving His ministry!
Kathy F. - Children's Ministry Director

"The kids LOVED it! One girl brought two friends for the entire year! One of her guests was totally unchurched and knew nothing about Jesus or the Bible. She had never heard of words like disciples, parable, etc. She begged her mom, whom I've never met, to let her skip volleyball so she could be there for the Jesus rising from the dead drama! 

The kids whipped up crazy and sometimes a little outrageous ideas for the stories. We had a fan whipping a plastic blue table cloth across the floor for the calming of the storm. We had a spray bottle for the baptism of Jesus. Our music guy offered to cut down an old stage piece to a shorter height (only 5 inches) so we had an actual stage. One of our properties guys went to Lowe's and spent $12 on an 8'x4' piece of dry erase board and mounted it on the wall so the kids could draw scenery behind the stage. 

We were the only class (grades 4-6) that maintained perfect attendance all year. Praise the Lord! 

I was given one of those VHS camcorders (the size of a small suitcase--ha) so we recorded all of the skits on a VHS tape and then at the end of each drama we turned off the lights and popped the tape in the VHS players on our TV. I think the kids liked this part the best. 

I went to Goodwill and stocked up on bathrobes, white lace curtains (used for everything from angel costumes to heavenly clouds), and scarves. 

I loaned out the tape to the kids during the week so they could play it at home. They wanted to show it to the congregation and/or adult Bible class. I opted to play it during our Easter breakfast so people could watch it at their leisure. 

Thanks for this great resource! It has reached 6-10 kids during the past two years and introduced one little girl to Jesus for the first time in her life."

~ Karen K. (Grades 4-6)