Chalk-It-Up TM

22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With Chalk 

Bible LessonsPut down the remote . . . Get those kids outdoors! Spark their creativity, enthusiasm, and competitive spirit!

Encourages independent play and integrated learning skills for older and younger kids! Includes classic games such as Hop-Scotch and Four Square with many new chalk games for small and large group play. While the games are not specifically Bible-related, they are fun and wholesome activities for parties, ice-breakers, and friendship building! Use them at church, school, youth groups, or family-time fun! Includes a recipe to make your own chalk and directions to make some unique game accessories. For K-5th grade. 

Chalk it up to another day of fun! Get the Lost Sheep Bible game, which is adapted for use from the chalk game, Fugitive!



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"The games in this book are easy to implement and fun to play. The illustrations make the games very clear. They can be played in small groups with family and friends and require very little investment. There is a good combination of action and sedentary games as well. This book shows how to get kids moving and enjoying themselves without much supervision. It will definitely get them off the couch."

~ Howie Weiss
Physical education teacher for over 30 years.
Author of Fun, Fitness and Skills, The Powerful Original Games Approach
Mentor to Younger Physical Education Teachers 

"The book was really great. It is very user friendly and was fun to flip through...You could easily get a new idea quickly for a future use. I found a few games that I had played before, a few more that were similar but with an interesting twist to them and wonderfully several new ideas. They all seem to be easy enough to teach and exciting enough for kids to keep playing them. I will use the book on more than one occasion, I am sure." 

~ Joe Gallo
Elementary Physical Education - Edgewood Elementary School K-5 - Yardley, PA
BS in Health and Physical Education - PA and NJ certified teacher - Teaching since 1990
Pennsbury School District Demonstration Teacher