The Fruit of the Spirit
Jesus Growing In You And Through You TM

The Fruit of the Spirit is an 18 week Bible curriculum series for children Kindergarten - 5th grade. Through the use of hands-on Bible lessons, skits, crafts and Bible games, kids will have fun learning what it means to have Jesus growing in them and through them! These Bible lessons can be used in Sunday school and midweek classes or incorporated into rotation-type programs!

Book includes: 18, one-hour sessions, 12 Christian Crafts (9 crafts and 3 Yummy Devotions), 12 Bible Games, Song-time suggestions, a black and white T-Shirt design and name tags. ALSO includes Fruit of the Spirit Bingo and the Fruit of the Spirit Spinner toy! For kindergarten - 5th grade.  Click the cover to sample Lesson One.  

BONUS! Book includes Fruit of the Spirit Bingo and the pattern to make the Fruit of the Spirit Spinner toy

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"I teach children from fourth through sixth grade in our Wednesday night meetings. We are a small church so we all meet together and have the same lesson and usually the same craft. I used the Fruit of the Spirit curriculum for the second time and I really love it. It is easy to understand and easy to copy the patterns. Each lesson includes a Bible story, game, memory verse and song suggestions. The kids love the crafts and games and are enjoyed by all ages. The games do not require a lot of extra equipment. Plus, it includes a bonus Fruit of the Spirit Bingo game. And you do not need to buy a lot of extra items for the craft projects. The crafts are flexible and can be interchanged to meet your needs. For example Build a Pear is listed under Gentleness, but I use it for Patience, because one of the options is to use it as a game and it is similar to Cootie, which takes PATIENCE! The Bible stories are presented in a variety of ways. You can do skits, puppets, buzz words, as well as other options to tell the Bible story, all of which helps hold the children's attention. Discussion questions are included with each lesson too. There is also a fruit chart to track memory verses learned, and lesson overview charts! This is very helpful! There is flexibility in how you want to teach, so it will work with either one or two hour sessions. We have 90 minutes and it is flexible for that also. This is one of the best resource investments I have made!" 
~ Bev Tunnell - Lebanon, Oregon

"I am just excited to report that I ordered the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lessons and used it during our first ever Bible Day Camp. It was indeed spirit filled and the teachers and children enjoyed every moment, every lesson, every activity, especially the yummy devotions. If I had ten thumbs, it would get all ten thumbs up. I am looking forward to purchasing and receiving more lessons from your network. Thank you and God bless you all." 
~ Jacqueline 

"I have this book and we start the first lesson this Wednesday! I think it is our second or third time through it. . . . So glad you are still offering this! It is awesome, and I love the crafts and games. God bless you." 

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