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January 6th, Epiphany, is the day on the Christian calendar that recalls the kings from the east who came to worship Jesus, as recorded in Matthew chapter 2.

People often refer to Epiphany as celebrating the THREE kings or THREE wise men who came to worship Jesus. However, we do not know how many kings there were. But we do know they brought THREE gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Because of their prophetic significance, I believe Matthew mentions them to give us an "AHA moment"!

Gold was associated with kingship (1 Kings 10). The High Priest's vestment was made with gold (Ex. 28), as well as furnishings in the temple (1 Kings 6:20-22). 

Frankincense was an ingredient in the sacred anointing oil and used in sacrificial offering and as a fumigant during animal sacrifices (Ex. 30:7, 34; Lev. 2:1). 

Myrrh was also used as an anointing oil to anoint the Tabernacle, the Ark, the table and all its instruments, and the washbasin and its pedestal. A mix of Myrrh was used to anoint Aaron and his sons—the Priests; it was never to be used on anyone other than the Priests (Ex. 30:22-33). 

These three gifts point us to the nature and mission of the Christ-child, the ONE who became our High Priest, our Sacrifice, and our King who came to establish an everlasting kingdom (He. 9; Jn. 19:39-40; Lu. 1:32-33; Rev. 11:15). 

As we finish out the Christmas season, let us be inspired anew to worship our King and tell the good news message of salvation! 

Watch a video of how to make my Epiphany Keepsake Ornament.

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