Divine Appointment at the Pump 

"Always be ready to give an answer when someone asks you about your hope" 1 Pe 3:15 (CEV).

Divine appointment at the pump, always be ready to give an answer for the hope within you

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While driving to a nearby town, I prayed to God for the opportunity to share my faith with someone that day. Little did I know within a few minutes God would answer that prayer! But first, I needed gas; I pulled into Wal-Mart, which beat Speedway's price. When the following  opportunity presented itself, it was up to me to honor God's answer to my prayer with obedience to Him.

As I filled my gas tank (18.9 gallons needed!) a gentleman in a big white truck opened up a conversation with me about the crazy games they play with the gas prices. Then he said, "Makes me feel like this life just doesn't matter. Do you ever feel that way?"

I smiled and said, "Matter of fact, I do feel exactly that way!"

He responded, "Really?!"

"Well," I said, "I trust in Jesus as my Savior. This life will eventually be over for all of us. What we do here on earth won't matter as much as what we do to prepare for eternal life with God in Heaven; that is what really counts."

He politely nodded and said, "That's nice."

I asked, "Do you have that peace and relationship with Jesus that assures you of what really matters--living eternally in heaven?"

He looked at me and said, "No, Ma'am, I can't say that I do."

I shared with him that he needed to recognize that God created him, (he nodded in agreement), and that he was a sinner. I added that only Jesus could make the way for a sinner to enter heaven and that was through His death on the cross--He died for our sins. Jesus waits for us to ask forgiveness; for us to realize that He is the only way to heaven; for us to repent from our sins, and live the rest of our lives on this earth honoring our Heavenly Father.

As he climbed into his truck he said, "Hmmm, that's something to think about."

Catching his attention one more time, I said, "Sir, it's more important than just thinking about. It's taking action to have a personal relationship with Christ that will make life matter for eternity."

"Yes, guess you're right. Thank you." He responded.

I have no idea what that man's decision was or will be, but having that conversation with him was a bigger blessing than getting a good deal on gas! I had an opportunity to obey God and plant some spiritual seeds! But for this man, if he received Jesus as Savior, then those moments shared at the gas pump were . . . PRICELESS!

Copyright 2019 Emmalea Butler

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