Monthly Educator's Devotional

A new school year---a fresh start!

Monthly Educator's Devotional offers a general framework for developing Scripture reading, prayer focus and Christian discipline for each month of the year. It serves as a starting point and can be easily expanded upon depending on your specific preferences as you pray for your students, their families, your colleagues, and all aspects of education. It has been written by teachers and educators who have witnessed the results of God's mighty hand in their schools, students, co-workers, and communities as they prayed.

Each month affords an opportunity to dig deep into God's Word by reading a selected book(s) of the Bible. In addition to the Scripture reading, a weekly prayer focus and specific Christian discipline are presented to assist us in striving for unity. As you pray and demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways, expect the Lord to move mightily! HE WILL! HE ALREADY HAS! 

Begin to thank God in advance for all that you are believing Him for this school year. Praise Him as if it has already happened! Those called by God to serve Him as teachers have the blessed privilege and unique opportunity to influence countless numbers of students and their families.

Read 1 & 2 Timothy

What excitement as we prepare for a new beginning! So many unanswered questions for the child who will enter the classroom for the first time, for the first year bus driver, for the first year teacher, for the high school freshmen, for the first year head coach, for the first year many firsts. A brand new book bag, new notebooks, folders, new pens, pencils, crayons, markers, new clothes, new shoes, and new hairstyles. New teachers, new subjects, new friends, new projects, new assignments, new activities and new opportunities....this is how it is when you know JESUS CHRIST. 

Everyday is new, exciting, and an opportunity to start over again. With God's gift of each new day (that's why it is called present), we CAN begin again. All the sins, failures, mistakes, and disappointments of yesterday CAN be left behind as we press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in JESUS. His mercies are new each morning as he supplies our daily bread. This new life in CHRIST is fresh. Thank and praise God for new life and a fresh start in Him! Thank God for His forgiveness, salvation, mercy, and love.

Prayer focus: "Father, we thank you for your forgiveness and for another chance to begin again. I ask you, in the name of JESUS, that these students would study to show themselves approved unto GOD this new school year (2 Timothy 2:15). I pray that none would allow anyone to look down on them because of their youth. Lord, help them to be an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12). May we all stir up the gift that is within us this month as we begin a new year. In JESUS name-AMEN."

Week 1-pray for students who enter school for the first time Discipline-begin a journal with specific scriptures for special needs.

Week 2-pray for first year teachers/administrators Discipline-include names of new staff in your prayer journal.

Week 3-pray for first year support staff Discipline-offer to assist a new employee/worker (lesson plans/ideas/procedures/etc.).

Week 4-pray for the school nurse Discipline-write a thank you note to the nurse

Copyright 2014 - Peny White

As a tribute to the many conscientious educators in our world, the book, below, has been written to say THANK GOD for your servant-leadership.

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