Christmas Holiday


Become a distributor of our popular Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments books.
Our distributors have no financial risk, because they take their orders and payments in advance!
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advertising brochure for your potential customers.


Distributors receive a 45% wholesale discount on bulk orders of Chrismon Snowflakes.

A bulk order is
30 books. Plus $15.00 for Priority Shipping and handling fees.

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Sell the ornament books for a profit or make them available for wholesale purchase. You can set the price! 

(Wholesale price: $8.80. Suggested price: $16 or more.)

Orders need to be received before December 7 to insure delivery before Christmas. Please send one check to cover your expenses! 

Click here to print an advertising brochure for potential customers. (Please note, the purchase amount on your brochure is left blank so you can set your own price.)

Have a question? 

Call: 561-281-5033

Print the Order Form for a U.S. Money Order
or U.S. Check
(Personal checks will have to clear before shipment is released.)

Learn more about Chrismon Snowflakes, click here! 

Selling Tips: 

* Present a Christmas crafting workshop and distribute the books as part of your registration fee. 

* Host a crafting home party. Have your guests cut the ornaments from one of the books and decorate a Christmas tree.  Then take orders from your guests and send one check to purchase the rest of the books!

* Print out the free pattern* in the site and copy it for use as a sample craft for your guests to make and take home as a gift for coming to your event. 

* Burn our video for free and then show your guests how to make Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments, click here!

Wishing You Success! 
Sarah Keith <><

* The patterns in the books are copyrighted and are not to be copied for distribution. Only the free pattern may be copied for distribution, but not sold.


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