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How does the FUNdraiser work?

By purchasing our Look n' Learn Ten Commandments Poster at wholesale--45% off--you have the opportunity to sell it at a retail price set by you, your church, or organization. We suggest between $5 and $6 retail, but you are free to determine the price of the poster. If you take your orders in advance, there's no financial risk and no upfront fees required to get you started. You may want to purchase one poster first, and use it to show prospective customers what their children will receive. To buy a single poster, click here.

Do I have to sell them for a fundraiser project?

No. We welcome you to come along side our company, whether to raise money for your church or organization, as a professional distributor or a work-from-home mom or dad, join us in distributing this important product! 

How many posters do I have to purchase?

15 posters per order form.

Look what others have said about our Look n' Learn technique.

"I just received my poster and wanted to let you know that I'm delighted with the quality and especially with the content. I'm planning to use it next week in teaching my class. It's such a fun and effective way to teach the commandments and will be helpful for all different kinds of learners."  ~ Susan - North Kansas City, MO

"We used the Look n' Learn technique last Fall. When we reviewed them a semester later, the kids remembered every one of them!" ~ North Palm Beach, FL

What will I receive?

You will receive fifteen, 12" x 18" full-color glossy Look n' Learn Ten Commandments posters. Read more, below.

Can I speak with someone first?

Of course. Call Sarah at 561-281-5033 or email sarah@sundayschoolnetwork.com


"Look n' Learn" Poster (12" x 18")

A wise heart accepts commands. Proverbs 10:8 (NRIV)

A must-have resource for classrooms and homes!

Amazing results ...You try it! 

Look at the poster --- Say and do the actions.

You'll have the first three commandments* memorized in
Click the poster to enlarge the
first three pictures.


The commandment # corresponds to the # of fingers:

#1 Have no other gods. (God is #1. Hold up pointer finger.)
#2 Don't worship idols. (Two fingers "bow".)
#3 Don't misuse God's name. (Three fingers over mouth.)

Repeat twice. Now say and do the actions without looking.

# 4-10 are just as easy to learn and memorize!

The order of the commandments is according to the 
traditional Hebrew Bible.

15 - Ten Commandments Posters (12" x 18")

Pay With A Check or US Money Order.



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