Bible Scramble Relays 

A Bible Memorization Game

Bible memory game

 Set Up: Write the Bible verse you've been teaching the children on index cards, either one word at a time, or in short phrases, or a combination of the two. For example, the following underlined words and phrases represent a combination of the two:  The, Lord, is my Shepherd. I shall, not, want. He maketh me, to lie down, in green, etc. Each team will need a set of cards. 

Set up: Establish a playing area for relays. You will need a bucket for each team to hold the cards at the opposite end of the start position, and an empty bucket for each team next to the start line.

How to Play: Divide players into teams. At the go, first player on teams race to their bucket to grab one card, then back to their team line to drop the card into the team's empty bucket, tags off to the next player in line to take his or her turn, and then proceeds to the back of the line. Play continues like this until all the cards are retrieved. When the team has retrieved all their cards, only then can they begin placing the cards in order. The first team to place them in correct order wins. 

Save the cards for future games and class review. The picture, above, was taken during lesson review, after having played the game the week before. Bible Scramble from our Bible Games Explosion book, was adapted for use in this game, and played during our lesson series, The Good Shepherd-Psalm 23.   

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