Rubber Band Memory Game 

Classroom Bible Memorization


This a fun classroom game to review and reinforce memorization of longer Scripture passages such as The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, etc. Once players have mostly mastered the memory material, play this game to challenge them. 

Optional: use a timer to speed up the game to make it even more challenging.

Players sit in a circle with each player wearing 3 rubber bands on their wrist. Teacher sits in the circle with the children and starts the game by saying the first word in the memory material. The player to the right goes next and says the next word, play continues like this—one word at a time—until the entire passage is quoted. If players miss a word, they remove one rubber band from their wrist. Players who lose all 3 rubber bands are out of the game and must sit in the center of the circle until the game is over. Play again as time allows.

If everyone loses their rubber bands, go over the material again and then play again using shorter sections of the memory material.  

You might decide to reward players with a piece of candy for the number of rubber bands still on their wrist.

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