Chariot Races

Chariot races, sory of Phillip and Ethiopian Eunuch

This game was inspired by a lesson on Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-39). To make the review fun I decided to have a chariot relay race with my class. 

I made two cardboard chariots and put string at the front so they could be pulled The wheels can be glued to the side of the box, but I made heavy wheels by gluing several layers of cardboard together and made an axle for them so they would turn.

How To Play
Establish a start line. Choose one child to stand at the start line with the questions (see below). Teams should be given the same question at a time. Choose two kids who can read well. They will be the ones to pull the chariots to their team, ask a question to the first team player in line and if correct, race back for another question. At the go, child at the start line places a question from the list into both chariots. If the wrong answer is given, player must still race back to the start line and then return to his or her team to try to get a correct answer from the next child in line. 

Relay Questions. Print one set for each team and cut apart:

1. Why did the Ethiopian go to Jerusalem? (To worship God) 

2. Why did Phillip go to the desert? (God told him to) 

3. What was the Ethiopian doing as he rode home in his chariot? (Reading from the book of Isaiah) 

4. What did Phillip ask the Ethiopian? (Did he understand what he was reading) 

5. What did the Ethiopian answer Phillip? (How can I unless someone guides me?) 

6. Who did Phillip tell him the Scripture was speaking of? (Jesus) 

7. When Phillip helped him understand what God meant, what wonderful thing happened? (The Ethiopian believed and became God's child) 

8. Why did the Ethiopian want to be baptized? (To show he believed in Jesus) 

9. What should you tell others so they can believe in Jesus? (Jesus died to pay for their sins, He came alive again and will forgive their sin if they will believe with all their heart in Him.) 

10. What happened when the Ethiopian was baptized? (Phillip disappeared and the Ethiopian went home rejoicing. ) 

11. Who are some of the people you could tell about the Lord Jesus? (Family and friends who do not know Jesus) 

12. Say the Bible memory verse: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved" Acts 16:31.

Copyright 2008 Helen Setser

P.S. I go to Prairie Flower Bible Church (been there since 1955). If anyone needs to contact me for more information, my e-mail is:

It is a good thing I have my great grandson, Jalen, who is into Roman history. He pointed out that I have the pull strings on the wrong end, so I changed them (after I took the pictures!) They should be on the "front" which is the large end of the chariot.

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