Four Corners 

Bible Lesson Review Game

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The Four Corners game is a fun and active game that is great for reviewing Bible lessons or memory verses. I'd love to hear from you! Share your comments:

Set up: Establish a playing area with four corners marked off and numbered 1-4. You might use playground cones to mark the zones. You'll also need questions for your review.

How to Play: Divide players among the four corners. Teacher stands at the center, closes her eyes, and counts loud and slow from ten to zero. While teacher counts, players may move to any of the four corners. When teacher gets to zero, and before opening her eyes, she calls a number from 1-4. Players who are in the zone called (and any who didn't get to a zone) must then answer review questions or say the Bible memory verse. Players who can't answer must sit in the center for one round of play. Play as long as time allows.

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