Friends Rescue Friends

Bible Lesson and Game

Applications: Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven: forgiveness, evangelism, showing kindness, compassion, loving our neighbors. 

Read Luke 5:17-26 from a child-friendly Bible. (See also Mark 2:1-12.)

1) Why do you suppose the friends brought their crippled friend to Jesus? (They cared about him; they had heard about Jesus and believed he had the power to heal their friend.)

2) Why do you think Jesus said, "Your sins are forgiven?" rather than, "You are healed?" (Jesus wanted the Pharisees, that is the religious leaders and teachers, and the crowd, to understand that he, "the Son of Man, had the power to forgive sins." Jesus called himself the Son of Man. The Prophet Daniel wrote about the Son of Man hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth. Daniel said he would be Someone who was given authority, glory, and Godly power. Sickness is caused by sin, not just our personal sins, but as a result of sin in our world from the time of Adam and Eve. Jesus came to save us from our sins. By saying your sins are forgiven, he showed that he was God. Only God can forgive sins, and by forgiving the man's sins, he was then healed.) 

3) You and I might not be physically sick, but all of us are born spiritually sick and separated from God because of our sins. We need forgiveness so we can be healed and made right with God. Only by coming to Jesus can we and our friends be healed. Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins, and rose from the dead to give us eternal life. 

4) One of the ways we bring God's kingdom to earth is by telling our friends about Jesus. What can you do to help and rescue your friends?

5) What might keep you from telling your friends about Jesus?

Dear Lord, help us to show kindness to our friends by telling them about your love for them, and what you did to save them and heal them. Amen. 

Play the Game


You will need Hoola-Hoops for each team. Divide players into teams of 3-6 players. Establish a racing course with a start line. At the opposite end of the course place a large cross (see the cross, below). On a sheet of paper write in large letters "
Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins!" and tape it to the cross. To make play more challenging, place cones and obstacles along the course for players to move around and through.

How to Play: three players from each team begin with one player who needs healing standing inside the hoop and the other two holding onto the hoop. The player inside the hoop must hop on one foot, while holding onto the hoop. At the go, the two players carefully "carry" their friend to the cross, where they all say, "Jesus died on the cross to forgiven our sins!" and then remove the hoop, lock arms, and race back to their team line carrying the hoop, at which time they either tag off to the next three players in line or switch positions in the hoop to be the friend who needs healing. 

Play continues until all players have had a turn inside the hoop or as long as time allows.

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