Focus Ball
Icebreaker Game


Set Up
You will need dozens of colored strands of yarn cut into 12 foot lengths, a hog ring (metal circle about 4 or 5 inches in diameter), a soccer ball, and a bucket to hold the ball.  (The picture shows players walking and balancing on utility poles, to move from one end to the other, but you can play the game without them. However, you will need to use cones or markers to establish the distance apart, 20 feet or so, for players to spread out on both sides.) 

How to Play
Players begin by grabbing as many strands of yarn as they need to balance the ball on the ring. All strings must be used. Working together, players must balance the ball on the ring by keeping the yarn taut, then move together from Point A to Point B to drop the ball into the bucket. 

We started very close to one another maybe within 3 feet of the ball, the "focus point." We had to traverse up onto a platform then down a utility pole while everyone kept their balance and communicated to keep the lines taut and level as we inched along toward our goal of placing the ball into the bucket, keeping our balance as we walked! 

It was necessary at least 1 time for each side to go under the string because of the way the strings were pulling and some were crisscrossed when they were chosen. 

After traversing - way down the utility pole and keeping our balance, we began to strategize how the ball could be lowered into the bucket. 

The exercise had a lot of teachable moments - communication, helping one another, thinking ahead - and staying focused (on the ball in this case) no matter what was going on around you to distract your attention. 

All of these teachable moments could easily be transferred to a Christian's lifestyle such as:
*Fixing our eyes on JESUS no matter what the situation. 
*Being sure to be equally yoked or tied together with believers who will help you tighten up your surroundings as to guard yourself against sin. 
*With JESUS as our focus we will not want to let HIM down lead a balanced Christian life helping others as I want them to help me, etc.

Sent in by Emmalea Butler


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