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Blessed are the peacemakers, dove of peace
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9 (NIV).

Set Up
Divide a playing area in half, one side for "Country 1" and the other for "Country 2." Mark off a neutral zone between the two countries, approximately 6' apart. Place dozens of soft, yarn or sponge balls in both countries. Teacher, the "Peacemaker," will need a whistle.

How to Play
Divide players into two teams and have them stand in their respective country. At the go, teams "fight," by throwing their balls, their "weapons," at the opposing team. Players may not step into the neutral zone. When the "Peacemaker," blows the whistle, and shouts, "make peace," teams must drop their "weapons," run into the neutral zone, and shake hands with one another. (Before returning to play again, players may collect the balls that have landed in the neutral zone.) Play as long as time allows.

Object Lesson
The Bible says we are God's enemies (Romans 5:10)? Isn't that a scary thing? How do you suppose we are enemies of God? (Discuss) 

Our sinfulness causes us to be "at war," with God; that is our sinfulness, the wrong things we think, say, and do, cause us to be against God. We need Someone who can solve our problem. We need Someone who can save us from being an enemy of God. We need a Peacemaker. 

What is a peacemaker? (Discuss.) A peacemaker is someone who brings together two or more people, families, or countries that have been fighting; and helps them to begin living in peace, without any bickering or fighting or war. 

God, in his great mercy and love, sent his only son, Jesus, to earth to right all the wrongs, to die for us, to take our punishment for sinning, and to overcome death by rising from the dead. God doesn't want us to be his enemies. He wants us to be his friends—his Forever Friends! More than that, he wants us to be his children—to be sons and daughters of the Most High God! However, we must first receive God's wonderful forgiveness before we can be at peace with Him. We need Jesus, our Peacemaker, to make peace with God for us! When we trust that Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins, he becomes our Peacemaker, which means we're no longer enemies of God and in danger of eternal harm; we become his children and are safe in him!

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