3 Great Games from A-Z

by Reesee Michalochick

Bible Games from A to Z

I tell the kids that we are taking a trip through the Bible without leaving our seats. I begin by saying "I took a trip through the Bible and found "Abraham." The next child will repeat what I said, and then add something they found that begins with the next letter in the alphabet and so on. So the second child could say, "I took a trip through the Bible and found Abraham, and Beersheba." The third child could say, "I took a trip through the Bible and found Abraham, Beersheba, and Canaan." Play continues through the alphabet, from A to Z.

Bible Stack-O!
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Bible Playing Card Games

Use Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Jesus, Books of the Bible, Heroes, Old Testament, etc. as "topics." Choose ONE topic for that session. On the board, write the TOPIC and then each letter of the alphabet with 2 blank lines next to it. Create teams and have each child take a turn giving a word from scripture that begins with any letter. (IMPORTANT - The words must be pertinent to scripture. For example, if the letter is "t" then an acceptable answer would be Thomas, tithe, Ten Commandments; answers that are not acceptable are normal everyday words like "the, them, tomorrow, to.") Once those two blanks are filled in for each letter, no one may give another answer beginning with that letter. Have the children "justify" some of their questionable answers. You'd be surprised that they will learn and what you will learn.

Over 52 Bible Games for year-round fun!
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Big Book of Bible Games

Choose any letter in the alphabet and go around the room (or form teams) and ask each to give a word (person, place, thing, etc.) from scripture that begins with that letter. Play continues until teams cannot think of any more words. Then choose another letter. 

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