Bible-4-Square Game

Living four square on God's Word!

Four Square Bible GameUses: For playing a Bible Name or Scripture Memory game.

Set up: Make a mini Four-Square court with chalk, or use masking tape for indoors. (See illustration.) You will need a small foam ball. The smaller squares should be approximately 3' x 3'.

After the Bible names or Scripture verses for your class have been thoroughly reviewed, play Bible-4-Square as a fun reward!

How To Play: The game begins with four players, each one standing in one of the four smaller squares. The rest of the class lines up behind position #4. Player #1 begins play. If you are playing Bible Names, #1 starts by saying, "Genesis," then tosses the ball to any of the other three players. The player that catches the ball must say, "Exodus," then tosses the ball to any of the other three players, who in turn must say, "Leviticus," and so on. If you are playing Scripture Memory, play is similar, but you substitute the individual words of your memory verse as opposed to Bible names.

If a player misses the Bible name or memory verse word, that player rotates to the back of the waiting line and the other players in the other three squares rotate around to fill the empty square. (See arrows in illustration.) Square #4 is then filled with the next player waiting in line.

How To Win: Players try to move up and stay in the #1 position the longest. However, there is not necessarily a winner. Play as long as you like!

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